Big Brother 11: Stab You In The Throat

We all knew there would be excitement after the POV ceremony today and we certainly weren't disappointed! Jeff used the Power of Veto to remove Kevin from the block and then used his Head of Household power to put Russell up in his place. Russell has had a feeling this was coming and he was right.

When the feeds came back on after the POV ceremony, Jeff and Russell were in the backyard. Jeff thought he'd swing his lower appendage a little bit by rubbing it in Russell's face about how good of a move this was for him. Russell was understandably ticked off and reminded Jeff about the final four deal with themselves and Jordan and Michele. He also reminded Jeff what he said about how if anything changed then he (Jeff) would go after people's families.

Then Jeff started going off on Russell talking about how he caught Russell in a lie about going to final two with Michele. Russell didn't deny it but tried to tell the wonderkid that final four comes before final two and that he meant what he said about the final four alliance.

After that, it all went downhill. Russell told Jeff he'd better win because if he stepped foot in the jury house he'd mop the floor with him. Jeff told Russell he'd stab him in the throat and that he'd gladly give up his $500,000 to lay Russell out. The amount of testosterone in the backyard was crazy!

All of this was going down while Natalie and Kevin were enjoying the fruits of their labor over by the pool table. Who could blame them for being so thrilled? I would be if I were in their spot. Thanks to Dumb and Dumber, their plan worked perfectly. Throw in a dash of Wishy Washy Flippy Floppy Michele and their LML couldn't have happened any better.

What gets me the most about Jeff and Jordan, other than their stupidity, is their hypocrisy. They act as though everybody has to be on their side and are supposed to lay down and let the almighty couple take their thrones next to each other in the finals. Where does Jeff get off calling somebody out for having a final two alliance? He has one himself with Jordan! And today, Jeff actually asked Natalie and Kevin if they're playing together as a team and they said no. Besides Jeff believing them about that (haha), what makes him think he has the right to ask that considering his partnership with Jordan?

When Jordan stuck her nose into Jeff's and Russell's argument, she most certainly deserved to be called a lapdog by Russell. She deserved it just as Natalie deserved being called Jessie's pit bull by Casey. The argument was between them two and Jordan butting in only made Jeff look like a wuss.

Personally, I think Jeff came across looking like a threatening thug in all of this. He was the one in power and knew he'd take some heat for the move that he made. He knew that Russell would be upset. But the comments about stabbing Russell in the throat and everything were nothing but low class and white trash. I really hope those comments make the show on Tuesday to show America how golden this guy really is.

Russell's basically a goner at this point and Jeff has one less vote for himself if he makes it to the finals. The only chance that Russell has at this point is to try and swing Kevin to vote against Natalie. We all know how much of a long shot that is. It would be a longer shot trying to get Jordan to turn against Jeff though. Russell needs to try and get Michele to talk to Kevin and make him see how big of a threat Natalie is to him.

Will this happen? I highly doubt it!

What do you think about Russell's and Jeff's argument after the Power of Veto ceremony today? If you missed it, just flashback to 1:08 PM BBT on Cam 1. What do you think Russell's chances of going home on Thursday are at this point?

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