Big Brother 11: Golden Boy Wins POV

The feeds came on after being off for the Power of Veto competition and guess who won? Jeff did!

I'm not too thrilled with it but it's better than Natalie or Kevin winning the POV and knowing that they will definitely take themselves off the block. I really wanted Russell to win the POV and keep himself safe for another week, but perhaps Jeff can be convinced to keep the nominations the same.

I don't really have too much faith in that though. Jeff is actually telling Jordan on the feeds right now that getting rid of Russell this week is the smartest move he could make. All of you Russell fans out there might want to cross your fingers that Jeff changes his mind. Even if he doesn't change his mind about putting Russell up on the block, perhaps Russell can convince Jeff and Jordan to not send him home on Thursday.

It's going to be a bumpy ride this week! What do you think about Jeff winning POV and his plans to put Russell up on the block? Do you think Jeff will tell Russell ahead of time that he's going up on the block or surprise him with it during the POV ceremony? And what do you think Russell's reaction will be either way?

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