Big Brother 11: Russell Is In Danger

The nomination ceremony was held a little bit ago and when the feeds came back on, there was chaos in the house. Kevin was standing on the kitchen table yelling at everybody while Natalie was curled up under the stairs crying out for Chima. I'm joking, I'm joking.

Natalie and Kevin were nominated by Jeff but there wasn't any fireworks involved. It would have been interesting if that had happened though. Both Natalie and Kevin knew they were going up on the block ahead of time so it was no surprise to them. They're fine with it too.

They are just pawns this week. If everything works as planned, Jeff and Jordan want to get Russell up on the block and out the door on Thursday. Neither one of them have believed Russell since the LML was told to them and Jeff feels like Russell is going to be the one that stands in the way of his and Jordan's place in the finals.

I was upset last night about Jeff winning HOH and especially upset that we weren't able to watch any of the Head of Household competition on the feeds. I wasn't as upset when I woke up this morning and have been thinking about things all day long. Do I wish that somebody else had won HOH? Most definitely! But it's nothing that can be changed so I just have to deal with it.

I get why Jeff and Jordan are so paranoid and understand how the HOH power goes to people's heads. We have seen this happen so many times each season so it's nothing new. I just disliked Natalie (and Kevin by association) so much that I wanted to see Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michele get to the final four and then fight it out from there. May the best hamster win at that point. The chances are slim of that happening now.

I have a feeling that Natalie and Kevin are going to eat Jeff and Jordan alive next week if Russell goes home this week. If that happens, I'm fine with it. But what I'd really love to happen this week is for Russell to win the Power of Veto competition so that the nominations stay the same. If that happens, I think it'll be a crap shoot as to who goes home.

My first thought is that Kevin would be the odd man out. However, Jordan and Jeff may awake from their paranoia-induced slumber and realize that Natalie is not to be trusted and is more competition to them than Kevin is.

My worst case scenario tomorrow is that Natalie or Kevin wins the POV and Jeff puts Russell up in their place on Monday. So I am going to sleep tonight and dream sweet dreams about Russell winning the POV.

What do you think about Jeff's nominations of Natalie and Kevin? Are you on board with their plan to blindside Russell? Who do you want to win the Power of Veto?

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