Big Brother 11: A Magic Carpet Ride

I don't know about you but I woke up today completely drained. Actually, I was drained, relieved, and happy.

Things have been so crazy since Wednesday evening. Doesn't that seem like so long ago? Think about it. At that point in time, Chima was the outgoing HOH and Russell and Lydia were on the block. The plan was for Russell to go home but everybody was stressing over the Coup d'Etat power. Chima had threatened to go crazy during the live show so many times that the show had to be pre-recorded.

After the show aired on Thursday, the feeds returned from day-long hiatus. Jeff used his magic power to send Jessie packing, Michele was the new HOH, and the immediate fallout from all of that was long gone for us. However, the Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell alliance was reborn while Chima, Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin were left scrambling. On Friday, Michele nominated Chima and Natalie with Chima being her ultimate target for eviction.

Chima's piss poor attitude went sliding further downhill as did Natalie's and Lydia's. But Chima just took it too far. After Chima threw her microphone pack into the hot tub, rumors began popping up that Allison Grodner, executive producer of Big Brother, had been called to the house. It turns out those rumors were indeed true and early Saturday morning, Chima was no longer a part of the game.

CBS says they evicted Chima. Chima says she quit. To tell you the truth, I couldn't give two sticks of gum how it truly happened. We probably won't find out the real story anyway until Big Brother is over this season and the other houseguests spill all the juicy details. But again, I really don't care. That bitch is gone and I'm thrilled.

A new Head of Household competition was then held yesterday and sweet Jordan won. I can't remember a time in many seasons where I was so anxious to find out who won and then so ecstatic after finding out. It appeared the entire Big Brother community felt the same as sites everywhere erupted in celebration. Now all we're waiting for is the nomination ceremony on Monday where Natalie and Lydia will be put up for eviction.

Oh my goodness at all of the drama! We've watched Chima, Natalie, and Lydia eulogizing Jessie. We've seen the three witches engage in despicable and petty behavior. From hoarding the washing machine to fighting and calling names to hiding people's belongings to threatening the safety of the others in the house. And the meltdowns? We've seen so many of those as well with the latest being Lydia's drunken tirade in the red room yesterday.

I can't end this post without saying one more thing. One of the sweetest things I believe I've ever seen happen on Big Brother occurred shortly after 9:30 PM BB time last night. Jordan was so emotional after receiving her letter in the HOH room last night that you just wanted to reach through the TV or computer screen and give her a big hug. She didn't forget about Michele's predicament though and told Michele she wanted to share the HOH room with her including having Michele's pictures on display next to her own.

Jordan's generosity really affected Michele and she began crying too. It's one of those moments that words can't really express. You need to flashback or watch last night's Big Brother After Dark and see it all for yourself to really appreciate it.

Now how will this week play out? How will all of this be aired on the shows? How are they going to get the schedule back on track? Looking back on everything now, what are your thoughts on it all? I know one thing though, I can't wait to see tonight's show! I hope all of you join me in chat so that we can watch what will truly be a fantastic show this evening.

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