Big Brother 11: A Little Monday Fun

Did you see what happened on the feeds today? I couldn't believe it when I heard about it! Kevin didn't use the POV during the ceremony today. Oh wait, we already knew that was going to happen. Gotcha!

Now we're just in a holding pattern until Thursday evening. What we don't want to see happen before then is Russell and Chima get into it so bad that one of them is put out of the game. If that happens, we're going to be screwed out of some U.S.D.A. Prime Time Badassery on Thursday. And we don't want to miss all of that now do we?

Anyway, how about a fun little post that doesn't involve Ruscle and Chima-Pet? Because we have this big romance in the house this season between Jeff and Jordan and also the sex romps with Jessie and Lydia, why don't we skip down memory lane and rank the previous couples in the Big Brother house? I'll also include Jeff/Jordan and Jessie/Lydia in there just for the fun of it!

I realize that not all of you will be familiar with all of these pairs so feel free to rank the ones you're familiar with. If you don't feel like ranking them, I welcome whatever you have to say concerning any of the couples below. You could just pick one favorite or one least favorite. Whatever you feel like doing is fine. Let's just have a little fun with it why don't we?

1. Jeff & Jordan

2. Jessie & Lydia

3. David & Amanda

4. Janelle & Michael

5. Janelle & Will

6. Boogie & Erika

7. Boogie & Krista

8. Eric & Jessica

9. Chelsia & James

10. Drew & Diane

11. James & Sarah

12. Matt & Natalie

13. April & Ollie

14. Holly & Jase

15. Lisa & Eric

16. Chiara & Roddy

17. Jen & Ryan

18. Nick & Daniele

19. Dick & Jen

So there ya go folks! Nineteen couples for you from eleven seasons of Big Brother. Ready, set, type!

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