Big Brother 11: The Possibilities

I always love this particular week of Big Brother. So many things can happen that would completely turn the game on its ear.Winning the Power of Veto is muy importante this week. Kevin, as the new HOH, seems like he's keen on nominating Michele and Jordan with Jeff as the ultimate target. I don't have a problem with that! The only person I don't want to go home this week is Michele so anybody else is fine with me.Let's think this through now. If his nominations are Michele and Jordan, then both of them need to win POV to remove themselves. However, things would be interesting if Jeff or Natalie win POV. Jeff could win POV, take Jordan off the block, and Natalie goes up in her place. Natalie could win POV, take Jordan (or Michele) off, and then Jeff goes up in the vacant chair. And then Kevin could win POV and take care of putting Jeff up himself. That would be foolish for Kevin to do so though.I wonder what's up with that twist Julie mentioned on the show last night. Her exact words for Sunday's show were, "We'll reveal a new twist to the HOH that could impact everyone. The secret lies behind this door." While she said that, they shot to the HOH room where there's a door to the right of the spy screen. The door has a big gold question mark on it.We know that door as the door that production uses to go in and out of the HOH room when they need to so it's more than just a closet. Could it involve some sort of weird prize for the house? I doubt that. In a new interview with Allison Grodner, the door is mentioned. She said it's something added to the HOH's responsibility and they've had it planned for awhile. Hmmmm.I know many won't say it but I'm going to give Russell kudos for going out classy last night. He could have really shown his ass but he didn't. His talk with Julie was good as well and I can't wait to watch the extended interview when it comes out later today.What did you think about the show overall last night? Do you think Natalie threw the competition so that she could continue to keep her hands clean? Are you happy that Kevin won HOH? Are you disappointed we didn't get to see the end of the Head of Household competition again? Did you have nightmares of Jessie and Lydia in the jury house last night? Who do you think Kevin should nominate? So many questions today!Update at 10:45 AM - Interviews!

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