The Hills' Brody Jenner: Don't Taze Me Bro!

Where are The Hills cameras when you need them???

Some non-manufactured drama -- for a change -- went down outside of a Los Angeles nightclub Thursday night when Hills star Brody Jenner got into a brawl with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.

Apparently, Brody was defending the honor of his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole. reports that Francis punched and kicked Jayde in retaliation after she threw a drink on him. If you've seen Jayde on The Hills, you know she's not exactly what you'd call mature.

Brody and Jayde were celebrating his 26th birthday at Guys & Dolls when things went haywire. Brody punched Francis, then got tazed by someone and fell to the ground. Jayde tearfully told TMZ cameras that she suffered a swollen face, bruised rib and had her hair pulled out in the fight.