Big Brother 11: It's the Morphomatic

It was time for that fun Power of Veto competition. After a weird day in the Big Brother house, the houseguests had a midnight competition. The day started with some kind of Pandora's Box competition that left them paranoid for the rest of the day.

I'm still not sure of what happened there. Actually, I don't think the houseguests are sure of what happened today. Apparently they released the deadly sin greed and we're not sure what the consequences are. They each, except for Kevin, got to grab money let loose outside. Kevin opened that secret door and was handcuffed. Jeff found the key and released him. Sunday's show should be a good one. There were lots blacked out.

Big Brother really screwed with their heads today. After leaving them hanging in the aftermath of the Pandora's Box thing, then they started the Alien in the Mirror gag again. It didn't scare as many as in the past, but it did add to the paranoia. They knew they had a midnight veto competition, but they had absolutely no idea what it would be. At one point Jeff was convinced that the key he found earlier would help him win the veto.

Oh hey, in between all the craziness was the Nomination ceremony. Kevin stuck to his guns and nominated Jeff and Michele. Jeff attempted to guilt him into nominating Jordan instead, but Kevin wasn't buying it. Why Jeff would get upset with Kevin breaking his word when he did last week is beyond me. Oh, the hypocricy.

Michele went on another crying jag, but seemed to talk herself up. I was feeling sorry for her on the one hand, but disgusted on the other. I like her sometimes, but I still don't get her. Her social skills are seriously lacking and that's really hurt her game, I think.

Then there was the PoV. The feeds were blocked for another two and a half hours and when they came back on, guess who was sporting the Veto medal? Michele! Yes, she managed to save herself. She said that she had her crying jag and then psyched herself up for the win. The tide has turned again.

Right now the plan is for Michele to take herself off and for Kevin to put Jordan up. They are all talking of booting Jeff, but there are five days until eviction and Jordan is already talking about getting people to vote her out to save Jeff.

The web should be interesting this week. The Jeff/Jordan people are already threatening mutiny, swearing to never watch Big Brother again. The ups and downs of Big Brother. They've been on a high since he won the Coup D'Etat, and now this ...

So anyway, what a busy 36 hours or so, with more to come. What do you think of what's been going on? Tell me below ...

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