Big Brother 11: Kevin Has Cajones

Jeff realized he made a big mistake after talking to Kevin before the nomination ceremony this evening. While Jordan was in the HOH room talking to Kevin and after Kevin told her that she wasn't his target this week (he told her Michele is), Jeff came on in.

Kevin told him he wasn't going to be happy with the nominations. Jeff didn't appreciate Kevin going back on his word to keep Jeff safe and off the block this week. Kevin apologized and said he had to go back on part of the promise because the numbers in the house are dwindling. He also said he'd make the biggest mistake possible as the HOH by not nominating him.

Jeff questioned him on that and Kevin's explanation was that Jeff was a stronger competitor. Jeff pushed for Kevin to nominate Jordan instead but Kevin told him that he was worried about Jeff winning the POV and taking Jeff on the block so that Natalie would have to go up. He told Jeff if that happened that Natalie would be voted out and he doesn't want that to happen.

While all of that was going on, Michele and Natalie were talking down in the kitchen. Natalie told Michele that she doesn't want her to go home this week. I wasn't sure if she was telling her the truth until after Kevin's talk with Michele up in the HOH.

After Jeff left the HOH, he joined Jordan and Natalie in the backyard. When he told them what Kevin had said to him, Natalie asked him if he was sure that Kevin said that. She acted like it was a surprise that Kevin was putting Jeff on the block and going back on his word. While Kevin was being run over by Natalie in the backyard, he was talking to Michele in the HOH room.

Kevin told Michele that basically she'd be going on the block but that she wasn't his target. Natalie even came in at one point and told Kevin (in front of Michele) that she'd told her she was not the target already. Kevin told Natalie to leave and continued having a rambling conversation with Michele. Part of it involved Kevin promising Michele a jury vote if she was in the final two as long as she didn't vote to evict him (Kevin) next week. There were moments in their conversation that I almost got the impression that Kevin might even want to be final two with Michele.

Once Michele left, it was time for Natalie and Kevin to rehash everything that went on. Kevin told her how the conversations went down but she left out the little part about throwing him under the bus outside to Jeff and Jordan. Kevin really needs to watch out for Natalie and I think he's already wondering about that. Wouldn't a Kevin and Michele final two be interesting?

Meanwhile, Jeff told Jordan out in the backyard that he knows he has to win the POV to keep himself safe. He told Jordan she needs to play to win but definitely didn't seem to have much confidence that she would be able to do that. I had to laugh out loud every time however when he would say he could have had a final four chance. Jeff knows they're gunning for him so for his sake he (or Jordan) had better win the Power of Veto competition.

By the way, there was some sort of money-winning 'thing' today that involved the door in the HOH room. Michele said they weren't allowed to call it a luxury competition because it wasn't but winning money seems like a luxury to me! It sounded as though it was a scavenger hunt kind of event and Jeff found a key that opened 'Pandora's Box'. Then everybody gathered money (a lot in quarters it seems) that was hidden everywhere. There was $10,000 up for grabs and nobody knows how much they actually 'won'.

Finally, as I'm posting this, Kevin has been called to the diary room and the lockdown is on. I'll update this post once the nominations are official.

Update at 6:02 PM - It's official! Jeff and Michele have been nominated for eviction by Kevin.

So what do you think about Kevin's nominations? Whose side do you believe Michele is on? More importantly, who do you want to win POV?

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