Big Brother 11: A New Sheriff In Town

Congrats to Jordan, the new Big Brother 11 Head of Household. In about 24 hours of craziness, we saw Michele nominate Chima and Natalie, a Chima meltdown and eviction by the producers and another Head of Household competition.

This competition was also a luxury comp. It sounds like the one where after you take a golf shot, you can steal a gift from another houseguest. From what I gathered on the feeds, Jordan either won by getting a hole in one, or was given the HoH by Jeff. The prizes, as I've read or heard were:

Jordan - Head of Household

Jeff - Trip to Hawaii

Natalie - Phone call home

Kevin - $5,000

Russell - Spa Visit

Lydia - Red Unitard

Yes, you heard it right, the red unitard is back. But wait, this one is special, it's a Superhero unitard. It has a gold lame bikini bottom, a black cape and black goggles. If that's not bad enough, she died her hair a hot pink.

Before Lydia got into costume, though, there was major drama. She got into a screaming fit with Michele, complete with that awful C-word being thrown out there by Michele. She actually acted as though she was under the influence of some substance. She poured out all of Michele's beer that she received as HoH, and her soda. She's really trying to get evicted first. She does NOT want Natalie to have Jessie to herself for that first week.

Jordan has other plans, though. She wants Natalie out first. One reason given was that Natalie would come after her. Well, since neither Lydia nor Natalie has won anything, I wouldn't be too worried. The real reason, I think, is that she's afraid that Natalie and Russell would team up again.

Speaking of Natalie, she got into it with Michele, too. More screaming ensued and Jeff tried to be the peacemaker. I think he was channeling his inner Rodney King with his enteaties for them all to just get along. Kevin pretended that all along his whole thing was playing therapist and mediator, but when he was alone with Natalie and Lydia later, he was egging them on in their ideas to mess with the other four. They plan on targeting Jeff's temper and Michele's things.

At the moment, Jordan plans on nominating Natalie and Lydia, with Natalie the target. A couple of them said that Jordan's nominations weren't until Monday. If true, that's really gonna throw the schedule off. I guess we'll find out something sooner or later. Until we do, I guess we'll have to settle for anticipating the drama that's building up in Lydia. I'd be very surprised, though, if it were the quiet, relaxing Sunday that the houseguests are expecting.

What do y'all think of the new HoH and the Big Brother 11 season so far? Crazy, huh? For me, this has got to be one of the most volatile casts yet. They casted for a High School clique season, and they got the high school mentality that goes with it. One thing it hasn't been, though, is dull. Oh and Chima is fighting back, here's a letter she wrote to Big Brother Examiner rebutting CBS official statement of her being removed.

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