Big Hitter: The Fame Trailer, The Duel II, The Thieves of Baghdad, and The Three Stooges

Movies This Weekend That Might Interest You
I've heard Moon is solid. I'd also say Away We Go and Brothers Bloom deserve some love. I'm not seeing Year One until Friday, but early reviews from trusted sources seem positive.What I Watched Last Night Besides a Movie
I finished up The Duel II. Really strong stuff. I'm looking forward to the reunion show. Also, does anyone know of a website that keeps Real World / Road Rules challenge stats? If we're going to make this thing a national pastime we need some metrics to codify it with. Exactly how good was "The Miz" before he walked off the court? How many foes did he vanquish in 1-1 competition? That sort of thing.What I'm Reading Right Now
The Match by Mark Frost. Yeah, I'll read a golf book here and there. Don't judge.Press Releases of Note
The people behind Fame really want you to watch this trailer.

Call me crazy, but that actually looks kinda good. They've got Frazier Crane doin' work, the original Roc, and the drunk gal from Will & Grace. I do hope they recreate the original song somehow though, too. Maybe throw a JT riff on top of it or something.Also, our own Cole Haddon has officially signed a screenwriting deal. Here's the big news, from Variety:

"Warners will also develop "Thieves of Baghdad," a 10th century family adventure steeped in the world of the Arabian Nights, with Cole Haddon writing the script. Shaye sparked to Haddon's take on the original collection of folk tales "One Thousand and One Nights," which is in the public domain. It is a film that weaves Sinbad, Ali Baba, flying carpets, sword fights and genies in urns.
I definitely like where that's headed. I grew up on Aladdin; I think audiences are ready for an Arabian Nights-style film. I worry a little that Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince of Persia will step on the material a bit, but Haddon is a good enough writer to bring a freshness to whatever he chooses. I think, much like with Pirates of the Caribbean, that there's a huge gritty mysticism angle to explore with the source material. Something to wow families and yet intrigue adults. Why not? If you're going to remake something at least go with classic material that's stood the test of centuries.Quote of the Day
"Isn't it amazing that Twitter may end up being credited with bringing transparency to Iran's political system?" - Jon FavreauIt's also a little amazing that I now know Jon is watching the news while on set for Iron Man II. I wouldn't have predicted that even five years ago. As I've mentioned before, Ashton Kutcher has a speculative million person army. The implications of that are too boggling to even begin to comprehend.Sequel Rumor of the Day
The big news of the day is Sean Penn backing out of The Three Stooges for personal reasons. I pray this helps the project fall completely apart. C'mon guys, what more input from the heavens do you need? What was funny 60 years ago doesn't work anymore. Comedy (unlike drama or romance) evolves.Videos For You
Metric needs your support. They're good.