NYC Prep Is Real-Life Gossip Girl

Bravo may have started out trying to make a Real Housewives spin on the tony New York prep school scene, but it quickly turned into a Gossip Girl clone.

We're sure it's no coincidence that the NYC Prep crowd bears an uncanny resemblance to those pretty preppies currently hanging out on the CW. And, like the fictional GG, we can't help looking at this train wreck filled with privileged students who will never need to learn the craft of filling out a time card.

Less scripted than The Hills, these Upper East Side prep students still seem to be playing up the drama. So just how much are they like Nate, Chuck, Blair, Jenny, Dan and Serena?

Bob Guiney

Peter "PC" Peterson, 18

We think PC has watched too many episodes of Gossip Girl, because he's really playing up the whole jerky Chuck Bass side of his character. No surprise that PC wants to be an actor. He's a popular Upper East Side guy dripping in green from his billionaire grandfather, investor Pete Peterson. He once dated Jessie, but now they are just friends.

Bob Guiney

Jessie Leavitt, 17

This snobby fashionista boasts that "I've had a personal sales associate at Barneys since I was 13." She also mentions her mother has never worked a day in her life. Like Blair, she's smitten by the bad boys -- in this case PC. Although she says it's all in the past, it didn't look that way when PC paid too much attention to Kelli. PC says Jessie's a prep school bitch, but he loves her.

Bob Guiney

Kelli Tomashoff, 17

She's an aspiring singer, and she and her mom see this show as a perfect opportunity for Kelli to showcase her talents. Kelli's sort of a Serena Van Der Woodsen who lives with her slightly older brother in a posh Upper East Side apartment without supervision. Their parents prefer to live in the Hamptons, dropping in once a week for dinner. In the premiere, Kelli can't wait for them to leave so she can go hang with her friends at a restaurant. "We don't do homework," Kelli says. "We don't do work."

Bob Guiney

Camille Hughes, 16

Camille's carefully plotting out her life, but it can be ever so exhausting. After she gets a decent score on her SAT tests, her mom tries to talk to her about doing some community service to beef up her college application. But Camille just wants "a chance to breathe." She's the over-achiever with a solid plan for her future, which includes getting into a top school like Harvard, landing a good -- make that rich -- husband and having kids. She says, "I don't want to apologize for having money. It's good." Yes, Camille, it is.

Bob Guiney

Sebastian Oppenheim, 16

The sensual son of a movie-producer dad and a French mom, he looks like a model and uses his fluent French to impress the ladies. Like Nate Archibald, he has no trouble attracting women. His longish hair makes Sebastian seem more like a Cali surfer boy than a New Yorker. Unlike the other New York City preppies, he attends private school in East Hampton. His current goal is to have sex with as many girls as possible. After meeting Kelli, who thinks she's made a love connection with Sebastian, he tells the camera, "Why date one girl when you can hook up with a bunch?" Looks like trouble for Kelli and the other NYC Prep girls.

Bob Guiney

Taylor DiGiovanni, 15

Like Jenny and Dan Humphrey, she's not quite in the same personal wealth category as the others. Kids on the Upper East Side have a lot of money, she says: "They spend like $500 a day." She's not a scholarship student, but she is the public school girl producers snuck into the mix. She takes all her rich friends out to dinner at a restaurant, but makes the mistake of inviting a few of the public school kids along. No, no, no Taylor. Have you learned nothing from Jenny about how to fit in?