The Podcast: Season 2, Episode 12

Season two of the podcast continues with movie news, a review, fashion, gossip, and more!

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Show Topics

In the News

Indy 5?

Michael Bay gets even sillier

Christopher Nolan still not on Batman III?

src="" alt="The Proposal" width="78" height="78" align="right" hspace="6"/>Movie Reviews

The Proposal

500 Days of Summer (bonus)

src="" alt="Megan Fox / Olivia Wilde" width="78" height="78" align="left" hspace="6"/>Fashion Corner

The CMTs

Olivia Wilde vs. Megan Fox


A Father's Day wish

Garret's Zen Kutcher / Iran chat

Give us a listen and you'll find a 49-minute audio extravaganza.

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