Twitter Follow Friday: Dark Times

This week in general has been one of the most surprising weeks in recent memory, with the loss of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson all within a few days of one another. While we are saddened by the loss of such cultural mainstays, we can rejoice in all that they gave the world.

One major fight going on involves celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who started a Twitter firestorm when he announced that he had been hit by someone at a nightclub involved with WIll. I. Am.'s manager over things Hilton had posted on his blog. The details of the incident remain hazy and confused given the shaky eyewitness accounts and unnecessary posturing by Hilton himself, but what became really interesting was other celebrities' responses, as Pete Wentz, John Mayer, and others chastised Hilton for his inappropriate behavior.

People called Hilton out once again when he posted to his website as Michael Jackson was hospitalized, calling it a stunt of some sort. After it was announced that Jackson was indeed dead, Hilton removed the post and began Twittering how much he cared for Michael Jackson and what a substantial loss his death brought about. This quick shift, right on the heels of the altercation earlier in the week led many celebrities to criticize Hilton for his actions. Many celebrities asked how it was possible to switch so quickly from making fun of someone to idolizing them and glorifying their existence, but Hilton met these questions with childish behavior yet again. Perhaps the age of the untouchable celebrity blogger is over; perhaps given these new technologies such as Twitter, people can tell their own stories, break their own important news. The passing of Jackson was indeed a sorrowful event for many people, as every life lost should be. Though there is a time and place for mourning, life continues, and there is much to be grateful for, and to live for.

Ryan SeacrestAmerican Idol's Ryan Seacrest was one of the first to confirm the loss of Michael Jackson:

Ryan Seacrest: Very sad news. multiple soucres reporting michael jackson has died (Jun 25, 3:32 p.m.)

Ellen DeGeneresTalk show host Ellen DeGeneres sums up the loss best, perhaps:

Ellen DeGeneres: So sad to hear about Michael Jackson. His music changed our lives. The world has lost an amazing singer and dancer. I will miss him. (Jun 25, 5:53 p.m.)

Ashlee Simpson-WentzAshlee Simpson-Wentz came to the defense of her older sister Jessica when trying to explain to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton how his actions have hurt people:

ashsimpsonwentz: @perezhilton would u imagine if someone said the things u say about my sister, about ur sister? Come back to the human race man. (Jun 25, 5:11 p.m.)

Frankie MunizFormer child star Frankie Muniz comments on the developments of the week:

Frankie Muniz: Perez Hilton is a classic example of a schoolyard bully, taunting & teasing.. eventually the victim of verbal abuse snaps - right or wrong. (Jun 23, 6:33 p.m.)

John Mayer Singer John Mayer gives some simple advice for those feeling left behind by smokers:

John Mayer: Tip of the day: non-smokers at the workplace, tired of watching smokers take breaks all day? Once a week, enjoy a 1 hour cigar break. (Jun 25, 2:14 p.m.)

mariah careyrSinger Mariah Carey mutters something incoherent about her album cover, but more importantly, adds weird quote marks:

Mariah Carey: It would probably leak today so I figured "might as well give it a nice debut" I hope "you like this": ) (Jun 25, 12:45 p.m.)

Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, tells off the meanies:

Stephen Colbert: that's right, bullies from high school. i've got my own twitter page now! top of the world! (Jun 25, 6:14 a.m.)

sarah silverman Comedienne Sarah Silverman is clearly concerned for her health:

Sarah Silverman: I'm chewing too much peppermint gum. I'm worried my body will stop producing it's natural peppermint. (Jun 24, 11:10 p.m.)

nia vardalosOK, this is getting a little ridiculous -- every single tweet from actress and funny girl Nia Vardalos that I post seems to be about food:

Nia Vardalos: hmmm, why do I love being chastised by Martha Stewart? "It's easy to make cookie dough, no need to buy premade cookie dough every time." (Jun 24, 8:59 p.m.)

mindy kalingThe Office 's Mindy Kaling comments on the recent sex scandal epidemic:

Mindy Kaling: My new show is called "U.S. Governors" and it is a soap opera.(Jun 24, 5:51 p.m.)

Rob ThomasMatchbox 20's lead singer Rob Thomas loves Wimbledon and the funny noises people make:

Rob Thomas: everytime sharapova hits the ball, it sounds like someone is attacking her. (Jun 24, 1:29 p.m.)

Singer Pink is dead on, absolutely 100% correct about this next one:


Holly Madison Former Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison is often compared to the stately blonde bombshell herself, but just where is this photo shoot located?:

Holly Madison: I'm doing a photo shoot in some of Marilyn Monroe's old clothes 2day . . in heaven! (Jun 24, 10:35 a.m.)

Richard SommerOne of the many Mad Men, actor Rich Sommer complains about another TV show moving in to their filming location:

Rich Sommer: 24 has come in and commandeered the lot. We have been uprooted. Our trailers are now seven miles away. #slightexaggeration #butstillsurly (Jun 24, 10:08 a.m.)

Nicole RichieHow many times do you think Nicole Richie has seen the film in question?

nicolerichie: Silence of the Lambs is one of those movies that gets better everytime I watch it (Jun 24, 6:53 a.m.)

Michael Ian BlackComedian and actor Michael Ian Black ponders an uncertain future:

Michael Ian Black: Another reality show idea: "Domestic Situations," where rich housewives switch places with their help? Abuse follows. (Jun 23, 7:03 p.m.)

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