The Verdict: Depp in and Bale out for Batman? And the Academy Doubles the Best Picture Contenders

"No Batman 3"? Let's See What Warner Brothers Has to Say About That

Christopher Nolan has been hinting that he doesn't want to go back to Gotham, and Christian Bale recently told MTV News, "I truly don't know that we're ever going to see another Batman movie." First of all, he's under contract to play Batman at least once more. And second, even if an asteroid landed on Katsuya and wiped out half the state, you can bet that after making a billion dollars -- seriously, The Dark Knight actually made a billion dollars -- someone will be making a Batman movie, even if it stars Gary Coleman and Jared from the Subway ads. In better news, asked whether he'd play the Riddler, Johnny Depp answered, "If the opportunity came, I'd definitely juggle it." Now we're talking.

Verdict: Lightning really struck with The Dark Knight, and it'd be sad to see such a great team leave such a great franchise. But their first collaboration for Batman Begins was only so-so, and if they're bored they wouldn't make a good movie anyway. As for Depp? Yes.

Now 10 Movies You Haven't Seen Will Get Nominated for Best Picture

The Academy recently announced that instead of five contenders for Best Picture, this year there will be 10. Because there are so many great movies to choose from? Or because that way more people will tune in because their favorite is in consideration?

Verdict: I am not a fan. A few more crowd-pleasers may get the nod, but it means winning will mean even less. With 10 movies to choose from, it'll be easier for a movie that not even that many Academy voters like to sneak out a slim plurality and take home the statue. What's next, three winners?

Does McSexy Really Think the World Needs More Full House?

The New York Daily News recently reported that John Stamos is working on ideas for a Full House movie, and thinking about James Franco to play Uncle Jesse, Steve Carell as the Bob Saget character, and Tracy Morgan stepping into Dave Coulier's shoes (h/t Cinema Blend). No word on whether the Beach Boys will be stepping in for a cameo.

Verdict: Not to question the crack team at the Daily News, but I'm pretty sure he was joking. In other news, John Stamos is the spokesman for a charity called "Project Cuddle." Seriously.

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson Die

In a terrible week for Hollywood, Tonight Show sidekick McMahon died after months fighting pneumonia and cancer, '70s pinup and Charlie's Angels star Fawcett succumbed to the cancer she'd been documenting on television, and pop giant Jackson died, apparently of heart failure.

Verdict: Ed was 86, and we knew Farrah was sick. But MJ? I keep waiting to hear this is another strange staged episode. Unfortunately, this time I don't think so.