Big Brother 11: The Haves and The Have Nots

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "the have and the have nots?" If you're like me then you're probably thinking along the lines of rich and poor. That, ladies and gentlemen, might just be the theme of Big Brother 11!

Of course, it hasn't been officially announced. Yet. And that's if it's even true. I tend to think it's true as it comes from somebody online who goes as CornerOffice over at RealityBBQ. They've been spot on in previous seasons with their pre-season Big Brother news leaks so I have no reason to think it's false. Now back to the possible theme.

Reality Blurred has this post up comparing this theme/twist to one that was used in the first seasons of The Netherlands' version of Big Brother. Basically, the house was divided up into two groups - one group lived in luxury while the other group didn't. The groups would occasionally 'battle' each other for the right to live the high life and each team captain would have special privileges. The really interesting part of that is that at any time somebody could battle their captain and take over their spot.

CornerOffice also revealed that their will be a high school spin on the season as well. Remember those fabulous cliques from back in high school? Well they're back - except we get to watch them instead of live them. According to CornerOffice, Big Brother has cast hamsters that fit into those lovely teen stereotypes. The cheerleader, jock, geek, kicker, skate punk, etc. are all back together (or not) again! They'll be made to form their own cliques with no help from Big Brother. Then, they'll play in the game as those groups until later in the season when they'll be competing on their own. That sounds like an interesting twist to me!

Allison Grodner revealed in an interview about a week ago that something will happen on the premiere show that has never happened before. Will that be when we see them split into cliques? And as we know, the hamsters are in the house a few days before the show premieres. (By the way, they went into sequester today, will be entering the house on July 5th, and then the show starts on July 9th.) So will they be made to 'clique' together right after entering? Or will they be given a day to get to know each other before doing so?

Some more tidbits and/or rumors about the upcoming season: The house will be going green and it seems water conservation is at the top of the list. I've read everything from movement-activated shower heads and sink faucets to there being no washing machine! I can get behind that just for the silliness and unpampered fun. Perhaps the Haves get laundry service while the Have Nots get a washboard? Tee hee.

Will there be 12 or 13 hamsters? The latest commercial says 12. But in the same interview with Allison Grodner I mentioned earlier, she joked that Julie Chen's baby could be the 14th houseguest. There are even some rumors floating around out there that there will be 16 hamsters. However, CBS' official Big Brother site has just 12 boxes. Who knows?

Tomorrow, there will definitely be some more news out about the season as the media day embargo will be officially over since the houseguests will have been sequestered. We'll also be able to hear all about the experiences the special guests had last weekend in their 12-hour stay.

Check back tomorrow for more news and links. And if you haven't already, make sure you're signed up for the live feeds by clicking here!

So what do you think about this news? And what clique were you in in high school?

Update - Per CornerOffice (again), there will be four different cliques. We'll have the jocks, populars, brainiacs, and outcasts. Interesting!

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