TV Throwdown: Kim Kardashian Vs. Her Sisters

Knockout siblings Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have a knack for making family relations look easy. Fun, even.

Sure, they've had a few blowouts on their reality series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But for the most part, they make this only child wish I had a sis.

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However, now that Kourtney and Khloe are branching out with their own upcoming reality show, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, is it possible for the sisterly support to continue? Or will the claws of competition come out, leaving Kim as an afterthought as her sisters assume center stage?

Well, here, for the moment, we've decided they'll spar in one of our TV Throwdowns. After all, a little sibling rivalry never killed anyone.


Khloe ended her seven-month relationship with Minnesota Timberwolf Rashad McCants earlier this year.

Allegedly tired of her man's flirtatious and hard-partying ways, Kourtney dumped fiance Scott Disick in 2009.

Meanwhile, Kim and Reggie Bush have been going strong for more than a year and, by many reports, are a happy, healthy, normal celebrity couple. Now, how often do you hear something like that?

Score one for Kim.

Kim: 1

Sisters: 0


Kim's job essentially involves modeling, making public appearances, and filming her TV show. Khloe and Kourtney do sometimes work for a living in their store, Dash, although it's not usually a major plot point in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

So it will be nice to see Khloe and Kourtney forge out on their own and open a new Dash store in Miami, which is the basic gist of the new show.

But for now, Kim's primary gig of getting paid to model, travel, and party seems like a more glamorous life than selling dresses and keeping books.

Kim: 2

Sisters: 0


All three sisters have their own websites and use Twitter frequently. Kim's pictures are definitely the sexiest, but her blog and Twitter entries are all pretty self-serving.

Kourtney's updates are few and far between and most of them are ho-hum at best.

Khloe's installations are, by far, the funniest (she posted pictures of her mom, Kris, after she passed out and the sisters decorated her face with black eyeliner), the most interactive ("If you opened a candy store, which 5 candies would you have stocked at all times?"), and frank (she admitted her profile pic is the mug shot from her DUI charges and that she thinks it's a flattering photo). So Khloe can easily carry Kourtney in this round.

Kim: 2

Sisters: 1


We had high hopes that Kim and her magical booty would rock Dancing With the Stars. Instead, her shyness and lack of skills sent her packing within the first few weeks.

Khloe fared a little better during her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, until Donald Trump fired her upon finding out about her two-year-old DUI. (Way to research your cast, Donald. Khloe has been dealing with the consequences of this DUI on Kardashians for months.)

Anyway, Kim was rightfully let go from DWTS. Khloe, on the other hand, got the shaft. Clint Black was, by far, the biggest disappointment during that episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Considering her unfair departure from Apprentice, we feel Khloe is the bigger success story here.

Score one for the sisters.

Kim: 2

Sisters: 2


We should soon be seeing Kim in all kinds of sexy Pepsi Max ads, a selection of which have been previewed on her personal blog and on various gossip websites. She's also been Twittering about her participation in the Nivea "Goodbye Cellulite, Hello Bikini Challenge."

Khloe's recent nude ads for PETA were definitely hot to trot, and we appreciate her dedication to animals. But many folks see PETA's over-the-top demonstrations as a little bit hard to stomach.

So when it comes to user-friendly endorsements, Kim made the smarter choices. Lotion and soda don't really tend to ruffle many feathers.

Kim: 3

Sisters: 2

Bottom line: For now, Kim still has the upper hand here, but just barely. Khloe and Kourtney will definitely get their chance to shine when their new show airs -- and we're looking forward to seeing how they fare when they're out of their more famous sister's shadow. Kourtney seems to be woefully behind-the-scenes in comparison to the other two, so we're especially looking forward to seeing her come out of her shell a bit.

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