The Verdict: Is Harry Potter Plagiarized? And Sean Penn a Stooge No More.

Did J.K. Rowling Rip Off Willy the Wizard?

The heirs of author Adrian Jacobs are suing Rowling's publisher for £500 million, claiming that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire lifted "substantial parts" from Jacobs' 1987 book The Adventures of Willy the Wizard: Livid Land.

Verdict: Does anyone really think that the author of the most scrutinized books in the world would steal plot points from another book about a magician? Besides, if she was stealing she'd have taken the name. "Willy the Wizard"? Gold.

Sean Penn Recovers Sanity, Quits Three Stooges

Whoever blackmailed Penn into playing Larry in the Farrelly brothers' awful-sounding Stooges movie must have lost the negatives, because the man who was Milk is out.

Verdict: Thank god, finally some clear thinking from one of the big names attached to this disaster. (Then again, he also dropped out of Cartel, which sounds like the "personal reasons" he claimed may actually be legit; some people say he's heading to rehab.)

Oskar Schindler Saying "I Love It When a Plan Comes Together"?

Variety reports that Liam Neeson is in talks to play Hannibal in the upcoming big-budge A-Team remake, filling George Peppard's shoes alongside Bradley Cooper as Faceman.

Verdict: This just sounds ... weird. I think this has a chance if they don't try to play it too straight, but Neeson is such an off-the-wall choice that I have no idea which direction they're going.

McFarlane Starts Production on Spawn 2: Wishful Thinking

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is working on a sequel to the 1997 movie that brought his comic book anti-hero to the screen, and has a big star in his dream casting for the lead: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Verdict: No. Way.

Ready to Party Like It's 1992?

On September 8th, the CW unveils its daring new approach to becoming America's other fourth-most-popular network: photocopying old TV guides. This fall, the 90210 remake will lead into the Melrose Place remake, exactly the same as the old Wednesday night Fox lineup.

Verdict: I thought people had already forgotten all about 90210. (I dare you: name an actress who isn't Jennie Garth or Shannen Doherty.) What's next, the rebirth of Models Inc.? Don't forget, that was a spinoff, too.