The Best Woodstock-Hollywood Movie Jams

New DVD and Blu-ray versions of

Woodstock: The Director's Cut release this week -- containing an hour of never-before-seen performances. Which makes this an excellent time to pay homage to a few favorite summer-of-make-love-not-war Woodstock-Hollywood, scene-song jams.(Note: Songs performed at Woodstock means no Doors, Dylan, or Zeppelin ...)Platoon

Memorable song: "White Rabbit," Jefferson Airplane

Memorable moment: "The worm's turned ..." What could be more soldier-in-Wonderland trippy than putting your lips on Willem Dafoe's bong gun in the middle of the Vietnam war?Forrest Gump

Memorable song: More than one worth recalling, including Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers," Hendrix's "Hey Joe," and Canned Heat's "Let's Work Together."

Memorable moment: Respectively, a Washington monument protest rally/Jenny-Gump reunion, Lieutenant Dan defending his dim-witted friend against a hooker's insults, Forrest making a stand against domestic violence.Almost Famous

Memorable song: A movie-music montage of '60s/'70s classics, Woodstock-sung and not.

Memorable moment: "Sparks," The Who, a life-changing, rock 'n' roll catalyst, bequeathed by William Miller's rebellious sister.Unexpected Unions

Sure, the drug-buzzed, Alice or Alex in Wonderland melodies of '60s revolutionaries mix well with the shock of war and political protest, but that doesn't mean they don't suit other situations.An American Werewolf in London

Memorable song: "Bad Moon Rising," Creedence Clearwater Revival

Memorable moment: Full moon? Bad moon -- for reluctant werewolves. Wayne's World

Memorable song: "Foxy Lady," Jimi Hendrix

Memorable moment: Garth's groovy diner daydream about serenading the Foxy Lady of his fantasies (Donna Dixon) while he does the possessed-pelvis thrust.

Should have been there ...

I know, they weren't at Woodstock, but they should have been so I'm squeezing in this honorable mention.Apocalypse Now

Memorable song: "The End," The Doors

Memorable moment: At the beginning and the end of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, this tune eerily captures the psychedelic doomsday madness (and "horrrr-orrr" of war).