10 Things We Learned From Watching The Hangover

The Hangover is a raunchy hit comedy that just scored its second consecutive box office victory. But it also has some valuable life lessons to impart. Here are The Hangover's words of wisdom (warning -- if you haven't seen the movie yet, these are kind of spoilery):

1. Never bring an engagement ring to a strip club unless it's where you intend to propose.

2. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sedate a tiger, do a little research on how long you can expect the drugs to work.

2a. If you put the drugs in a raw steak for the tiger to eat, season it with pepper. Tigers love pepper, but they hate cinnamon.

3. One lone wolf can still be his own wolf pack, but he'd be much happier with a few other wolf buddies around.

4. Make sure your friends actually want to become your blood brothers before you slice your hand open.

5. Everyone's got some sweetness in them, even Mike Tyson.

The Hangover6. If the Vegas hooker you've accidentally married is nicer to you than the girlfriend back home you were going to propose to, you've lucked out big time.

7. When an effeminate gangster claims to be holding your best friend hostage, make sure it really is your friend before worrying about getting the ransom money.

The Hangover8. If you're ever in a desperate situation and need to bribe a police officer, go into negotiations with the expectation that you're gonna get tasered.

9. Even the proudest dentists will admit they're not real doctors if you put enough pressure on them.

10. A mattress flung off the roof of a hotel is most likely some kind of cry for help.

Bonus: You know you're marrying into a cool family when your bride will forgive you for almost missing the wedding, and your father-in-law so strictly honors the "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" code that he doesn't even ask how you wrecked his vintage Mercedes.