Pros And Cons of the New Moon Trailer

So, was Taylor Lautner right or was he right? How many of you recorded the The Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer on your DVR so you could watch it over and over again? I forgot to, but I did stay up and rewatch the replay of the entire MTV Movie Awards broadcast for another look at it. So now that we've all seen it a couple thousand times, let's start tackling the big questions. Was switching directors a good idea? Will the special effects look better than in Twilight? Will there be enough Edward? Will Team Jacob be satisfied? Laremy offered a quick take on the trailer in his live blog of the MTV Movie Awards last night, but here's an in-depth look at the trailer's pros and cons:Pros:1. Werewolves!: Andy Samberg had a little fun with the audience, teasing everyone with a homemade video of a Dracula vs. Teen Wolf basketball match-up before bringing out Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson to introduce the real clip. But even the staunchest Team Edward supporters have to admit the trailer's most exciting moment was undisputedly the glimpse of Jacob phasing into wolf form. We didn't get to see what happened after Jacob gets his claws into Laurent, but that high-flying leap has me already convinced it will be a hundred percent more exciting than Edward's relatively wimpy face-off with James in Twilight. Pattinson and Cam Gigandet better not get too attached to that golden bucket of popcorn they got for winning the "Best Fight" award last night.2. You can see where the money was spent this time: Everything in this trailer looked richer than in Twilight, from the special effects when Edward shoves Jasper into the piano to the vampires' makeup to Bella's wardrobe. This time around, Summit clearly spent enough money to make a movie worthy of the fan fervor the Twilight saga inspires.Cons:1. How much Edward are we getting?: New Moon sets up one of the primary conflicts of the Twilight saga -- Bella finds herself caught between her love for a vampire and her friendship with a werewolf. Jacob is Bella's only comfort after Edward decides he must leave her in order to keep her safe. But as we all know by now, Twilight turned Robert Pattinson into a major star, and millions of hearts will be broken if his role in New Moon is reduced as drastically as it is in the novel. We've been promised over and over that New Moon will have plenty of Edward to go around, but the trailer didn't answer the question of how exactly they're going to give us that. And if they do rewrite the story in order to keep Edward around longer, will it upset the fans who want to see an accurate representation of the books they love? And will it be fair to Taylor Lautner and all the Jacob fans out there?2. Volturi, anyone?: Despite the presence of all those dreamy vampires, Twilight took place in a realistic world we could all recognize as the one we live in. But the climax of New Moon brings us to Italy, and into the castle of the bizarrely regal Volturi vampire clan. These scenes are meant to be scary in the book, but if handled incorrectly, they could easily end up looking just plain silly on screen. I wish the trailer would've offered a glimpse at them.3. Was anyone else bummed we didn't get to see Alice's yellow Porsche? Oh well. I guess they just needed to save a few things for when the movie comes out in November.