The Best Modern Examples of Drinking on Film

This weekend's new comedy The Hangover tells the story of a merry band of groomsmen who wake up on their friend's wedding day and realize they lost the groom at his own bachelor party. Before you go see what happens as they try to undo the damage from their night of drunken revelry, check out this list of some of cinema's most memorable inebriated escapades:

5. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

The quest to find the missing drunk friend is a plot contrivance that's been around from the earliest days of the teen movie genre. But Ari Graynor's effortless performance as Norah's fun-loving buddy takes the routine to new depths -- especially in the scene when she drops her cell phone in a bus station toilet.

4. Superbad

For a movie whose plot revolves around trying to deliver alcohol to a high school party, the best drinking scenes take place before the main characters even reach the festivities. Forget Seth and Evan, the so-called heroes of the story. Anyone who's seen this movie knows it would be way more fun to party with their geeky sidekick Fogle (aka McLovin) and his police buddies, Officers Slater and Michaels. But I also have to give props to Martha MacIssac (Becca) who pulls off the perfect mix of physical humor and vulnerability in her attempted seduction of Michael Cera later in the movie.

3. Old School

The best kind of drinking parties are the ones where everyone's invited, and luckily for us, the brothers of Old School's fraternity are all-inclusive. Old men, misfit college students, and newlywed Frank the Tank all show that you don't have to look cool to know how to party.

2. Can't Hardly Wait

There have been many memorable movie scenes where an unlikely character gets drunk for the first time, but none are as funny as Charlie Korsmo's William in this 1998 high school comedy. After proclaiming, "The beer is bad! Don't drink the beer!" at first taste, William develops a taste for the stuff, lets loose, and even finds himself rocking out with a killer lip synching rendition of Guns n' Roses' "Paradise City."

1. Every James Bond movie, ever

If you ever saw James Bond walk into a bar anywhere in the world, you can bet the bartender would have his order ready before he even asked for it -- martini, shaken not stirred. He may not be as free-spirited and fun-loving as some of the other characters on this list, but still, who wouldn't want to have a drink with this guy?

(Note: The list may make it look otherwise, but I just have to state for the record that I do not condone teen drinking -- just awesome examples of it on film.)