The Verdict: Tarantino Plots Sharon Stone's Comeback, and Ghostbusters 3 Finally Looks Possible

Is Sharon Stone Tarantino's Next Project?

John Travolta. Pam Grier. Bo Svenson. Quentin loves to resurrect actors whose careers are past their prime, and the star of Catwoman and Basic Instinct 2 may be next. Gossip dinosaur Liz Smith says an anonymous source tells her that she'll be in his next movie, Weekend, co-starring Jessica Biel, Lucy Liu, Dennis Hopper, and Michael Madsen.

Verdict: Why not choose someone who really needs a career boost? Mr. Tarantino, meet Ms. Pamela Anderson. Sorry, those things are kind of part of the package.

Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 "Could Be in Production by Winter"

The good news: Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and Sigourney Weaver are all signed on for a new installment, 20 years after Ghostbusters II. The bad news: The big idea is that the old crew passes on the torch to a new team. (Hopefully, according to Aykroyd, including Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku. Yikes.)

Verdict: Ghostbusters: The Next Generation? How original. Besides, shouldn't he be working on a Doctor Detroit reboot? That things's not going to make itself.

Lorne Michaels -- and No One Else -- Wants a MacGruber Movie

Michaels hasn't had a particularly good nose for big-screen comedy in the last couple of decades (see: A Night at The Roxbury, It's Pat, The Ladies Man, Coneheads, Stuart Saves His Family, Superstar). But according to The Hollywood Reporter, he says a feature-length version of the limp McGyver spoof is still in discussion. (H/t Moviehole.)

Verdict: Wow, that's some cutting-edge satire. Got any Rubik's Cube gags? Maybe a Married With Children parody up your sleeve? Ah, that Al. He sure does like TV.

Blue Man Group: The Motion Picture?

Fine, they've been ruling Vegas for a while now, and it seems like people can't get enough of guys in blue makeup playing the bongos. Who knew? But I can't see how this will translate into a comedy, even if it sounds like one of those movies they play at the science museum to teach you the life cycle of the tapeworm.

Verdict: I guess it's only fair, musical versions of bad movies have been stinking up the stages in Vegas for decades.

"Green Lantern Movie to Be 'Bigger Than Any Other Comic Movies,' Says Director's Wife"

That's an honest-to-god headline over at Is this really news? Next up from MTV: "BREAKING: Ben Affleck's Mom Says "Gigli 'Better Than Titanic,' Calls Critics 'Just Jealous.'"

Verdict: I can't wait for Green Lantern, but this is just stupid. In other news, my dad thinks this column deserves a Peabody.