Win 24: Season Seven DVD In Our Giveaway Challenge!

There's one place Kiefer Sutherland can head-butt someone and get away with it, and that's when he's playing Jack Bauer on 24. So what better time to give away copies of the 24: Season Seven DVD, hitting stores May 19?

Yes, it's another exciting DVD Giveaway! You know the drill: To enter to win, post a comment in the comments section below saying why you are a fan of the show and why you deserve to win a free DVD! Then e-mail us at with your mailing address. You can't win if we can't find you ...

Season Seven finds Jack Bauer in a new city, chasing bad guys in Washington, D.C., with the help of formerly dead characters like Tony Almeida. Politics is front and center, natch, with Cherry Jones playing the first female President of the United States. (But does she wear pantsuits like Hillary?) Janeane Garofalo also joins the cast this season as FBI Agent Janis Gold.

The six-disc set includes commentary by 24 Executive Producer Evan Katz and actors Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe!!) and Glenn Morshower (Agent Aaron Pierce!), as well as plenty of deleted scenes.

DVD Giveaway ends May 19.

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