Twitter Follow Friday 8: Singers and Shakers

The most engaging tweets this week seemed to be from the mouths and minds of singers and songwriters. You'd think that people used to singing about their thoughts and feelings would quickly flock to a service such as Twitter, especially given the close proximity to fans and the endless networking opportunities. Some singers, such as Blink 182's Mark Hoppus, meticulously document the entire process of creation, while still others use the service just to keep everyone updated on their whereabouts and daily minutiae. While there's no right or wrong, people who tweet too much are sort of annoying, and people who never update are really boring. Most people find a safe give-and-take after the initial confusion of joining up. As the weeks continue into summer, more and more people will find their way onto Twitter, and I hope they've found a way to keep up with the demand! Without further ado, let's start the show:

Moby After appearing on the finale of 30 Rock, singer Moby felt the earth move under his feet in a powerful way. I guess New Yorkers are less flappable than us West Coast people:

Moby: Just experienced my first ever earthquake in la. At first I thought it was the subway. But no, a ye olde earthquake. (May 17, 8:56 p.m.)

Emmy Rossum I have no idea what to make of this tweet from actress Emmy Rossum, but every time I read it I laugh again. :

Emmy Rossum: Right now, I'm giving new meaning to "spring cleaning" (May 18, 1:10 p.m.)

jonas brothers South America is firmly in the grip of Jo Bros Fever as the Jonas Brothers make their way around Peru, swooning girls in their wake. Most of their tweets are signed by one of the brothers, but perhaps they all spring fully formed from those three minds, working as a single unit:

Jonas Brothers: - soundcheck at this awesome stadium! 1st of 2 Peru shows coming up! So excited! (May 18, 3:17 p.m.)

Larry King It's a little unclear whether Larry King is having a senior moment or just reminiscing of days gone by, but whatever the case I think we can safely say it's raining where he is:

Larry King: what ever happened to galoshes? (May 18, 5:32 p.m.)

And although I knew what he meant almost immediately, the following tweet makes it seem as if Natalie Cole may purchase a new kidney at her local department store:

Larry King: Natalie Cole got a new kidney yesterday -- hope she has a speedy recovery! (May 20, 1:44 p.m.)

John Mayer Singer John Mayer hits the proverbial nail on the head as the rest of America finds their way onto the Twitter platform by the hundreds of thousands:

John Mayer: Is it me or has Twitter lost a *little* bit of its new car smell? (May 18, 6:00 p.m.)

Katy Perry Most people are addicted to something, and singer Katy Perry shares her addiction with most of California, if the lines at the local fro-yo place are any indication:

Katy Perry: once again, I find myself alone... At pinkberry...I know I have a problem. At least I'm admitting it, & to about 350,000 people. (May 18, 6:44 p.m.)

Ryan Seacrest OK, Ryan Seacrest's producer snuck onto his account, but still the information remains the same! There's a smoldering new Twilight poster, and Seacrest has got the scoop:

Ryan Seacrest: It's finally here! Twi-hards, the official "Twilight Saga: New Moon" poster is out! > - Sadao, Online Producer (May 19, 6:05 a.m.)

Russel Brand British comedian Russell Brand was hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, absolutely the highlight of the film. Lately he's been wondering if he's somehow been cursed with some sort of power that he is unable to control::

Russell Brand: Kobe Bryant said I inspired the Lakers to victory. At West Ham they say I inspire them to defeat. What is this terrible gift? am I an X-man? (May 19, 7:06 a.m.)

barbara walters The View host Barbara Walters is seemingly confused by the tiny keyboard on a phone, capitalizing and punctuating like it's going out of style. Surprisingly, this is one of the reasons I think this must actually be her Twittering:

Barbara Walters: Sorry have been too busy to twitter. Interviewed eliz Edwards today Have mixed feelings about her. Sad tawdrey story. Going home. now (May 19, 12:59 p.m.)

P. DiddyAww, who wouldn't love to get a digital congratulations from music producer and rapper Sean "P. Diddy" Combs? All the graduates in the world, rejoice -- this is your day:

P. Diddy: Who's graduating???? If so congrats and God bless. And remember you are the FUTURE!!!!! (May 19, 2:43 p.m.)

Singer Pink combines the obliquely weird with the fantastical, all at once. No matter how many times I read this, it still makes me laugh as I attempt to imagine first the scene itself, and then the actions described:

Pink: there is a really loud angry crow sitting on my balcony, screaming at me. sounds like akon on helium. (May 19, 10:36 p.m.)

mariah carey Ignoring the obvious logical problem of an album being dedicated to millions of people, singer Mariah Carey announces the name of her next opus:

mariahcarey: Bcuz I Love U, I want u to be the first to know the title of my new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" Its very personal & dedicated to u (May 20, 12:26 p.m.)

rumer willis We all know her mom Demi Moore is an avid Twitter fan, but this tweet from her infrequent Twitter-using daughter Rumer Willis sounds like something a PR flack may have written:

Rumer Willis: Thank you all so much for the immense support for my medium episode It is greatly appreciated (May 20, 12:31 p.m.)

Tweet of the Week

pete wentz Our tweet of the week goes to rocker Pete Wentz for his unwavering devotion to acting poorly. First, he threw a hissy fit earlier this week when his trip to Central Park, with his wife and baby son, was reported on Gawker; and to top it all off, it seems a whole lot as if he maybe hasn't heard that the rest of the country is in a downward economic spiral. People are losing their homes, but this is the real tragedy:

petewentz: lost an $8,000 jacket yesterday. in memory of it i will offer up half of patricks face as a background.a moment of silence.U will be missed. (May 18, 2:14 p.m.)

That's it for this week, folks! And, as always, you can follow me on Twitter here.