The Best iPhone Apps for Movie Junkies

The most obvious use for a movie lover's iPhone is still the best: Find out what's on and get to a theater. There are loads of apps to choose from that all do more or less the same thing, but MacWorld recently picked Showtimes as the best of the bunch. It's a free app that finds the closest theaters based on your location, launches iPhone Maps to give you directions, and offers listings, trailers, and links to Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and iMDb. (You can't buy tickets without leaving the app, though; if that's a deal-breaker try Hot Popcorn, which is more or less the same but connects to -- and costs $1.99.)

So now you can get to the right movie at the right time, and you know what you want to see. But what about the more ... frivolous apps out there? Let's face it, the iPhone is perhaps the greatest time waster ever. Here, some really silly ways for movie fans to waste time.


If the Star Trek juggernaut has you thinking about the old shows, this gives you access to 200MB of data on every episode of every Star Trek series ever made. That's a lot of Tribbles. (H/t

Download: $2.99

Days of Thunder

Wish you could relive the magic of the 1990 Tom Cruise turkey? This racing game lets you compete in 39 races on 12 tracks. No Randy Quaid, though.

Download: $2.99

HAL 9000

This homemade app turns your iPhone into the creepy computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It just spouts out a line from the film when you touch the glowing red orb, but sci-fi fans will probably want to have this one on tap. A lot of movie-themed apps are from the science fiction end of the swimming pool. Go figure. (H/t Venturebeat.)

Download: Free

Lightsaber Unleashed

Set loose your inner Star Wars geek with a revamped version of PhoneSaber that adds "dueling music" to the saber effects.

Download: Free

Star TrekStar Trek Phaser

Turns your iPhone into a phaser, and along with recreating the famous sound effect, it's a game that can be played two-player on WiFi. (H/t Gizmodo.)

Download: Free

The Terminator T800Terminate Me

Propaganda apps made to promote the latest movie/MTV reality show/Cheetos flavor usually aren't worth the time you spend downloading them. But this one's not bad, a quick and dirty way to transform a photo of yourself into a cyborg.

Download: Free

TwilightTwilight Movie Trivia

Seen Twilight six times? Now you can test your knowledge with 100 questions about all things Bella and Edward.

Download: $0.99


Need to know the minute Mel Gibson crashes into a lamppost or Christian Bale hits his assistant with a phone? Now the gossip follows you, with text and video updates from the gossip site and TV show.

Download: Free