True Blood: Early Look at Season 2

With the second season of HBO's vampire drama True Blood still more than two months away, production stills have been released which reveal some of what to expect in the upcoming season. The timing of the photos is no doubt tied to a certain other vampire series getting released on DVD very recently, but that's just smart marketing on HBO's part.

See the photo gallery.

Without booking a ticket to Spoiler Town for the upcoming season, it's kind of fun to look at the photos and see what they tell us about what's to come. The first season ended with several developments that had an eye on the second season, and there are a few stills here that reconfirm their importance going forward. For instance, the season finale ended with Sookie, Tara and Sam discovering a body in Andy's car, and in one of the stills, we see them picking up from that point:

Meanwhile, Jason had found religion when we last saw him, and the only still we see of Sookie's impetuous brother has him still hanging out with the Fellowship of the Sun (see still). Most of the second series is supposed to be following the second book of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries, called Living Dead in Dallas, but TV's sexiest celeb Ryan Kwanten (as Jason) was so popular his character's involvement with the cult was added to give his character more to do in the season:

Another development towards the end was the introduction of the mysterious character Callisto that the great Michelle Forbes plays. Her character is a Maenad, and we'll find out much more about this creature in the coming season. Here she's making merry at Merlottes with Andy (Chris Bauer):

We can't forget about Bill (Stephen Moyer), who you may remember was forced to turn and take on a vampire-in-training as punishment last season. He's apparently still trying to teach her not to feed on human blood, as shown in a still featuring the synthetic blood drink, TruBlood:

Finally, this is a vampire series, so we need to show some teeth! One of the more popular characters from season one that got little screen time was the vampire Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard (Generation Kill), and Alan Ball has said that this character is a lot more involved in the second season. Here he is flanked by his crew Pam and Chow:

So, doesn't this make you hungry for the new season to start? The season premiere for season two is June 14, but if you need a synthetic blood-like tide-me-over, season one will finally be making it to DVD on May 12.

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