Big Hitter: New Moon, Fast and Furious, 3-D, Beer News, and a Hip Song!

What I'm Seeing This WeekFast and Furious! I'm oddly excited about this film. Perhaps it's because I didn't see any movies last week, or perhaps it's because I found Tokyo Drift to be big fun -- whatever the case, I don't see how they can mess up cars, Vin, and attempted robbery. That sure sounds like a winning combination to me, although I am extremely disheartened by the apparent exclusion of Lucas Black. C'mon fellas, the southern accent was money in the bank.

What I Saw Last Week

As I mentioned, Hollywood took the week off, so there wasn't much to see. Thankfully, next week brings Observe and Report, Moon, and Hannah Montana: The Movie. That's quite a disparate list there, eh?

Press Releases of Note

I'm going through my bi-monthly "hating of the PR folk" swoon. So we're going to leave this section out until they all agree to be nicer to me.

This Week's Podcast Topics

I think we're going to have The Evil Beet on, though we haven't asked her yet. I'd like to review Monsters vs. Aliens, as I found it quite charming. Many of the higher level critics are taking shots at it, so I'm hoping to take a shot at them. Shots for everyone!

Today's Movie Stories on the Internets

Speaking of, 3-D is the topic of the day. Vulture gets into the price of 3-D admissions, Time gets philosophical, CinemaBlend goes for the most reactionary headline, while RopeofSilicon questions the entire method. What does this all add up to? Well, clearly the summer movie season can't get here quickly enough.

Best Non-Movie Story of the Week Not by Me

Via Buzzfeed, the best beer states in America. I can vouch for Colorado; New Belgium Brewery is fantastic. As a current resident of Washington I should tip my hat to Red Hook Brewery too. What are the Cali classics? Ah, just googled: Sierra Nevada -- of course. Only one state has *0* entrants. Get it together, West Virginia!

Deep Thought of the Week

A couple of things to tackle today. First off, they aren't screening Dragonball? This is shocking, just shocking. I'm a fan of dragons from way back, starting with Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon back in 1987. And dragons playing ball? That's a no-brainer. Gotta screen that one for the peoples. We won't be denied.

Next up, Summit Entertainment is currently making up a list of who gets to see New Moon being filmed in Vancouver, B.C. Should I cover this? I leave it in your hands, Twilight fans. We did our best to cover every angle of Twilight -- but say the word and we'll pass on New Moon. Note: they haven't even officially invited us yet, so this is quite a risky play on the part of But we want the true Twi-Hards to weigh in.