Dancing With the Stars Recap: It's Double Elimination Time As Two Stars Go Home

Rough justice was done on Dancing With the Stars. Holly Madison, one of the most talent-free contestants in the history of the show, and Steve Wozniak, the most untalented, got their walking papers.

dwts photosSee this season's costumes on Dancing with the StarsIt's a good thing it was a double-elimination night, so we don't have to drag it out another week. How interesting is it, really, which one of the obvious losers lost first? Once-mighty Boyz II Men, now an oldies act performing even older oldies, did the Four Tops tune "It's the Same Old Song," which is almost exactly the same as the Four Tops' prior hit, "I Can’t Help Myself." At least they're good. Holly and Woz kept doing the same old song and dance, and it was not good. They can't help themselves.

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