Video: We Break Down The Hills Season 5 Trailer

Judging from the new Hills season 5 trailer, it looks like the narrative arc of The Hills is coming to an end. Spencer and Heidi are on the rocks! Lauren and Heidi hug it out! Could this finally be the swan song for The Hills?

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In the upcoming fourth season "bonus" episodes of The Hills, Stephanie Pratt plays matchmaker to former BFFs Lauren and Heidi. Heidi turns up at Lauren's birthday party just as Spencer is conveniently caught flirting with a brunette bartender, providing Heidi with a reason to cry on suddenly-sympathetic Lauren's shoulder.

Meantime, Spencer turns to Brody Jenner as his relationship with Heidi goes downhill. It's like season 3 all over again! Apparently, The Hills producers have finally run out of contrived storylines and are bringing everything full circle.

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MTV hasn't announced a premiere date for The Hills, but it will be sometime in March. We're guessing it will be around March 16, which marks the season end of The Hills spinoff The City.

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