What2Watch: Top Chef Clears The Plates

Despite the new presence of the mostly useless Toby Young, it has been another fine season for Top Chef, which seems to have mastered the fine art of casting. This season in particular has had more than its share of memorable personalities. Part two of the season finale (Bravo, Wednesday 10 PM), set in New Orleans, features fan favorite Carla, the apparently now single Hosea, and imperious Stefan, who has seemed like the almost certain winner since the first week. It's hard to know what to make of the spate of Stefan negativity last week: are the producers simply trying to create a little drama, or is this really a sign that the emperor is going to be stripped of his clothes at last? I'm still assuming Stefan is going to take it, but a victory for Carla would be very easy to swallow as well.

Also this week:

Monday: The Closer (TNT, 9 PM): An intriguing guest appearance for the season finale: Amy Sedaris playing the offbeat sister of Fritz, who is busily preparing for his wedding to Brenda while also preparing to take down a drug kingpin. For her part, Brenda is looking into murder at an escort service. Here's hoping these two crazy kids don't bring their jobs home with them.

Tuesday: Privileged (CW, 9 PM): It's an early season finale for this modestly likable freshman series, which could be in trouble since it's not a remake of something that was lame in the '90s. Twins Rose and Sage have a disagreement over Spring Break plans, while Megan deals with boyfriend issues and the news that her father has fallen off the wagon. That sounds exciting enough. Who needs a new Melrose Place?

Thursday: Survivor: Tocantins (CBS, 8 PM): As usual, it's too early for the season to have come into focus, although at least one player, "Coach," looks like a tool for the ages. Expect the seed planted in the last episode, the ability for cross-tribe alliances to form as a result of a shared trip into Exile, to sprout a little further this week.

Friday: Dollhouse (Fox, 9 PM): The cast of this series resembles a spilled Scrabble board: Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, and Enver Gjokaj among them. Expect a Zbigniew Brzezinski cameo at some point. This week, Echo's assignment calls on her to pose as a backup singer for a star being threatened by an obsessed fan.

Saturday: Storytellers (VH1, 9 PM): Kanye West, not the world's most riveting live performer, pops in to perform songs from his four hit CDs and, presumably, tell a story or two. I'd like to hear the one about whoever it was who told West he could sing. I'm always up for a good fairy tale.

Sunday: Brothers and Sisters (ABC, 9 PM): A two-hour episode, which on a melodrama like this one usually means bad news. This week, it's a serious health crisis for someone in the Walker universe, while Rebecca finds that the family business is being threatened. But in better news, Robert (Rob Lowe) and Kitty (Calista Flockhart) look like they are going to get their baby.