The Top Ten Super Bowl Ads - 2009

The Super Bowl ads were a bit lackluster this year, especially given how exciting the actual game was. Still, we've found ten ads worth sharing around the office.

10) Jason Statham for the Audi A6

Why? Because it's The Stath (that's what we call him around the office). If he makes a commercial for dog food that commercial is making the top ten. Stath rules. We obey.

9) The G.I. Joe Movie Trailer

Why? I won't lie, I've been burned by explosive comic-book movie trailers before (Hi Transformers!). But this movie looks way better than my extremely low expectations. Thus, it comes in at number nine.

8) - "Hey Dummy"

Why? The actual ad was a smidge too long, but this embed captures what works. Anytime you can punch an animatronic koala you're winning.

7) Denny's Free Grand Slam Tuesday

Why? They are giving away free food, that's why. Have you heard about the economy lately? We need free food, and we need it now.

6) "I'm Good" - Pepsi Max

Why?: It's a formula as old as time. We like watching men hurt themselves. Pepsi Max, you had us at "I'm good."

5) Land of the Lost movie trailer with Will Ferrell

Why? Matt Lauer can EAT IT! That line doesn't get old. Trust me. Give it a watch with a friend.

4) Conan O'Brien for Bud Light

Why? Conan dancing in a fire pit with a red mesh top? Very goofy, and it got a laugh at the party I was at.

3) Hang In There Jack - Jack in the Box

Why? "I'm just lying to him to cheer him up." Classic. Also, his eyes become X's after he's hit. High comedy.

2) Alec Baldwin for Hulu

Why? Baldwin is hot right now. Real hot. And even though he's advertising for a product he doesn't get residuals for it still works. The man is good.

1) The One-Second Ad for Miller Lite

Why? I think somebody famous said, "Brevity is the soul of wit." That makes Miller Lite the wittiest in the bunch. This ad had me texting "High Life!' to friends and family.

Now you're up: Which Super Bowl Ad did you like best?