Sundance 2009: Reviews, Daily Diaries, Photos, Interviews and More!

The theme of this year's Sundance Film Festival: Storytime.

We'll let you ponder that for a moment. Done? Sweet. Now please to be enjoying our Sundance Film Festival coverage!

Sundance Diary 2009

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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4/5


Spike Lee Interview - Passing Strange


500 Days of Summer = A (review)

Passing Strange = A (review)

Taking Chance = A (review)

Humpday = A- (review)

Mary and Max = B (review)

Amreeka = B (review)

Moon = B (review)

Paper Heart = B- (review)

Mystery Team = B- (review)

Art & Copy = B- (review)

The September Issue = C+ (review)

Spring Breakdown = D+ (review)

Big Fan = D+ (review)

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men = D (review)


Sundance Film Festival

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