The Sundance Film Festival Diaries: Day Three

Day three at Sundance was all about the movies and the meet and greet. I saw four films (The September Issue, Taking Chance, The Greatest, and Spring Breakdown) and met many important Internets people. They included:

Drew and Daniel of (you might remember Drew as the world famous Moriarty from AICN)

Sasha from (which, oddly enough, isn't a site about gossip ... or sauce)

Kevin from SpoutBlog

Keith from IMDb (The internet has a movie database?? Get out!)

Erik and Scott from Cinematical

Neil from

Frosty from

Peter from /Film

Devin from

The CEO of a Major Theater Chain (whom I won't mention for fear of being killed)

I've seen other normal folk who don't run websites too, people like Franklin from Corpus Christi, who dreamed of one day attending the festival. And is here. Now. It's happening all around him. Nice, right?

Ah, and then there were the movies I saw, all of which will be receiving official reviews. Here's the real quick-like breakdown:

Taking Chance = A

September Issue = C+

The Greatest = C-

Spring Breakdown = D+

Eric and I talked about The Greatest, and its many flaws until the topic was beaten to death and our movie critics' fangs dripped with Brosnan blood. All in all, it was a very good day, and I think, after three years, I'm finally getting the hang of the Sundance Film Festival thing. Thus, in lieu of a full diary with interesting stories I'll present to you:

My advice for enjoying the Sundance Film Festival

1. Watch the ice! It is very slippery. I've almost fallen a few times and know that I definitely would have broken whatever my sternum is had I fallen.

2. Enjoy the mochas at The Yarrow Hotel. They are a little slice of joy for a sleepy person.

3. Don't pay the $3.75 surcharge at the Yarrow Hotel ATM. Just wait and rob the guy that goes before you.

4. When people start off on a good rant about a film, let them finish. That way you'll be able to make fun of them more effectively when they run out of breath.

5. Let us give thanks and praise to the China Panda Buffet. Their Orange Chicken has already seen me through some rough times.

6. Don't bother trying to look for Zooey Deschanel. Trust me brother, she's long gone.

7. Don't bother trying to look for The Kutch. He's always going to be at a better party. That's why he's The Kutch and you're not.

Looking this over I've believe I'd sufficiently nailed the "value-add" portion of our daily diary. I'll sign off with a rock video from the man who stole Zooey from us:

Requisite day four teaser: Paper Hearts, 500 Days of Summer, and my first official wheezy walk of the festival. Stay tuned!

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