Dancing with the Stars Casting Kevin Federline and Donny Osmond?

It's time for another round of Dancing with the Stars casting rumors!

With season 8 fast approaching on March 2, there's plenty of speculation about who will be the next Warren Sapp, Kim Kardashian or (God forbid!) Cloris Leachman.

First up: Britney Spears' baby daddy, Kevin Federline. The former back-up dancer has been piling on the pounds lately, and has stayed mostly out of the spotlight as Britney had her very public meltdowns last year. Now that Brit seems to be on the mend, is it Kevin's turn to quick-step into the spotlight?

Kevin's rep says the Dancing rumors are not true. Besides, he might have too much of an advantage since he was a professsional dancer.

Meantime, is sibling rivalry spurring Donny Osmond to make a bid for Dancing With the Stars? The entertainer told talk show host Bonnie Hunt that he would seriously consider it. "I can't let my sister upstage me," he said. "Besides, who do you think taught her how to dance?"

Dancing with the Stars will premiere March 2 on ABC.

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