The Dark Knight is the Film of the Year

In the end, it wasn't even close. The Dark Knight is our choice for Film of the Year, and as we're we think that's really saying something.

Not that we're alone on loving this movie, 246 of 262 critics agree (and honestly, we haven't taken Marshall Fine's opinion seriously in quite some time). We join Cinematical in ranking it tops. Austin and Utah critic's groups named it numero uno, and A.F.I. included The Dark Knight on their top ten too, though they didn't rank the choices. Finally, the National Board of Review listed The Dark Knight amongst its top ten films. Not shabby, eh?

Within our own critical brethren the movie nabbed the top slot on Laremy and Erin's list. It finished second on Christine Champ's top ten, and a respectable 5th on Cole Haddon's list. Of our 13 voters only one left The Dark Knight off his top ten completely.

Here's the complete top ten as voted upon by the staff, writer, and contributor core:

1. The Dark Knight (our review)

2. WALL-E (our review)

3. The Wrestler

4. Slumdog Millionaire (our review)

5. Tropic Thunder (our review)

6. Milk (our review)

7. Synecdoche, NY (our review)

8. Iron Man (our review)

9. Revolutionary Road

10. Rachel Getting Married

Next up: A "Best Picture" nomination from the Academy? Here's hoping.

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