The Amazing Race Cast: Snap Judgment!

It's Amazing Race time again! CBS kicks off the 14th season of the around-the-world reality series on Feb. 15. Until then, we've got photos and bios which we will use to make snap judgments about the 11 teams!

amazing race photosMeet the cast of The Amazing Race 14

This season's Race begins at Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base outside of Los Angeles and will continue through Switzerland, India, Russia and Romania. As always, our trusty host Phil Keoghan will be there with a cocked eyebrow to help guide the teams toward the $1 million prize.

Let's meet the teams!

CARA AND JAIME: Token former NFL cheerleaders (for the Miami Dolphins) who also look like twins. Don't underestimate these two, however: One is now a law student and the other was a police officer.

MARK AND MICHAEL: Professional stuntmen and brothers who dabble in horse jocekying and surfing. Interesting! Also, they're both under 5 feet tall.

MEL AND MIKE: Father-son team with Hollywood connections -- the dad is a former filmmaker and the son is a screenwriter whose credits include Nacho Libre and School of Rock.

TAMMY AND VICTOR: Sibling lawyers and Harvard Law School grads who are 10 years apart in age.

AMANDA AND KRIS: An early-20s dating couple who think they want to get married (but that will likely change after they go on The Amazing Race...). Neither of them has traveled much so this could get interesting.

MARGIE AND LUKE: Mother-son team who bring an interesting dynamic to the mix: He's 22 and has been deaf since birth.

VICTORIA AND BRAD: Married for nine years. She recently had major foot surgery but apparently still wants to run the Race. Competitive much?

LINDA AND STEVE: Another married couple who both have children from previous marriages. Is their last name Brady?

CHRISTIE AND JODI: Perky-looking flight attendants for Southwest Airlines. Will they use their airport know-how to their advantage during the Race? Does SWA fly to Romania?

JENNIFER AND PRESTON: Dating on-and-off; she now wants to get married but he's not sure. Nothing like going on a reality show to test your relationship!

LAKISHA AND JENNIFER: Sisters and former collegiate athletes at the University of Louisville.