Big Hitter: Revolutionary Road Thoughts, Kristen Stewart's New Film, and Box Office Thoughts

What I'm Seeing This Week
I'll level with you: the screening schedule is coast city this week. Hollywood is clearly taking the weekend off, so I'm trying to catch my breath too. Still, I'll see Punisher: War Zone, plus Oscar hopefuls Revolutionary Road and Doubt. I've heard Doubt is depressing (it seems like all the Oscar films are this year) and I'm praying Revolutionary Road isn't anything like Little Children. Man, I hated that film.What I Saw Last Week
Milk, which I liked but didn't love. And one other mystery film I think I'm not even allowed to mention. But it was just okay anyway.Press Releases of Note
Paramount announced that The Truman Show, Ghost, and Days of Thunder will be released on Blu-ray. It will be interesting to see if the Blu-ray player sales helped market saturation. Oh, I was also sent a few stills from Adventureland. Since Kristen Stewart has been in the news lately, here's a still of her and Jesse Eisenberg (below, click photo for bigger version).
Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg in Miramax Films' AdventurelandThis Week's Podcast Topics

1. Hollywood and drug usage: let's talk.

2. Press and the Kristen Stewart conundrum.

3. Debate: who has the least actual talent -- Lohan, Hilton, or Spears?

4. The weekend that studios take off.

5. Movies left on the 2008 schedule you're anxious to see.Today's Movie Stories on the Internets
Those crazy Brits over at Times Online have released their "100 Best Films of 2008." We'll be releasing plenty of lists too ... once we've actually seen all the movies that 2008 has to offer.Tina Fey on the Cover of Vanity FairBest Non-Movie Story of the Week Not by Me
Vanity Fair tackles Tina Fey (click photo for bigger version). Every once in awhile celeb journalism rises above the puff piece. This is that time.Deep Thought of the Week
Pumpkin pie isn't good, so why does the world insist that it is? You know how you know that it's not good? Because it's only served during the holidays. You don't see Pumpkin Pie Huts do you? But you do see Pizza Huts. And thus pizza is good, year-round good. All the time good. Pumpkin pie? Cranberries? Not so much.Early Box Office Take
This is the weekend Hollywood takes off, with box-office receipts falling about 50% from Thanksgiving weekend. Films like Aeon Flux, Turistas, and Awake are dumped by the nefarious studios. This weekend is no different, as our main attraction seems to be Punisher: War Zone. Which means it's going to take less than $20 million to win the weekend. Which means your guess is as good as mine. Let's go with Bolt to win just for fun.Videos For You
First up, "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" from R.E.M.

And finally, a giant ice sculpture collapsing: