The Verdict: Gaiman Talks Sandman Movie and Twilight's Bella Cast as Joan Jett

Neil Gaiman Says, "A Sandman Movie Is an Inevitability"

In a great long interview with the L.A. Times, Gaiman talks about everything from the British Invasion of comics (he calls Alan Moore the Beatles, and himself Gerry and the Pacemakers) to plans for a Sandman movie. He doesn't sound particularly excited, but here's the key line: "Guillermo del Toro has his Hellboy as his thing that he loves that is important and personal, that's what Sandman needs."

Verdict: Tough to call; done right, by a great director as a labor of love, this could be fantastic. But like Gaiman says, it'd be way better to have no Sandman movie than a bad one.

Kristen Stewart Cast as Joan Jett? Please No.

No offense Twilighters, but come on. The Runaways were maybe the baddest girl rockers the world has ever seen, the kind of gals who would steal the Donnas' guitars and rub snot in their pretty MTV hair. Fine, Stewart is hot right this second, and I'm sure there's a perfect role for her out there, but she doesn't have an iota of the personality or attitude to play Joan Jett.

Verdict: I love the Runaways, and their rise to trashy teen fame is a great story. But if this movie is hung on Stewart's shoulders, it's going to suck.

According to the People Remaking Tron, Z Is the New X

Remember how not so long ago, throwing an X into something was supposed to make it cool? The X Games, X-treme Doritos, those Vin Diesel movies. It got so you knew that whatever Blockbuster or Home Depot thought was hip with the kids would be splattered with Xes, and should be avoided. But the geniuxes working on the sequel to the classic eighties gamer flick Tron, which was initially named Tr2n, has now become TRZ.

Verdict: This is a ridiculously bad idea. This movie's draw, if it has one, is the connection to the old classic. Making sure no one even gets the idea is straight dumb.

Russell Brand Joins the Remake Game: Here Comes Arthur: The Next Class

Brand stole Forgetting Sarah Marshall right out from under its supposed stars, and I'll be watching whatever he does next. Unless, of course, it's this. The Hollywood Reporter says that Brand may star in a remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore genre-bending comedy (Liza Minnelli was supposed to be sexy, and I consider that science fiction).

Verdict: Come on, give the guy his own movie. Don't squash him into somebody else's. And if that awful Christopher Cross theme makes a comeback, there'll be hell to pay.