The Best Movie-Film Podcast Ever: Episode 29

Episode 29 and life is festive. Laremy (Movies Editor), Natalie (Celebrities Editor), and Garrett (Tech Producer/reformed neo-establishmentariavironmentalist) once again take you through the latest in movie, television, and gossip news.

Give us a listen and you'll find a 42-minute listening extravaganza. We'll make you celebrate, gesticulate, and triangulate.Note: As always we're available for subscription on iTunes too, just search for are the topics discussed: (note: once you hit play you'll be able to click on whichever topic you prefer)Episode 29

Kristen Stewart and Drug Usage in Hollywood

Movie stars and press

Debate -- Who has the least talent: Spears, Lohan or Hilton?
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December Movies worth watching

Three Dali Biopics (Pattinson, Banderas, Pacino)

The Beckham / Cruise Union

Sasha Grey, a mainstream pornstar???