Are Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Dunzo???

Oh noes!!!

Reports are flooding in that Gossip Girl's golden couple may be on the rocks!!

An eyewitness says they saw Blake Lively hanging out at New York nightclub Southside Friday night, hooking up with a random blond -- def not dark-haired Penn Badgley, whom Blake's been dating for the past year or so.

Says our N.Y. source, B.L. came in around midnight with a group of chums and was "too busy making out to dance or drink." And that ain't all...

Next morning, Lively and Badgley were spotted having one awkward brunch at Norma's restaurant at Le Parker Meridien hotel. "They both looked miserable," says a fellow diner who spotted the unhappy twosome Saturday. "He did not smile once."

The only thing missing?

A cell phone snap of Miz Lively sucking face with the mysterious blondie.

All of New York City is apparently on the look-out for dirt on Blake Lively's love life.

Is life imitating art or what?

Fortunately, we may not be completely out of Gossip Girl real-life couples. There have been rumors for a few weeks now that Ed Westwick is spending his free time in Jessica Szohr's pants.

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