Lindsay Lohan's Leggings Flying Off the Shelves!

Despite the fact that the economy is crumbling beneath our very feet, Lindsay Lohan's absurdly over-priced leggings are selling like hotcakes.

"They're blowing off the shelves," says Jill Lowe, publicist for high-end Hollywood boutique Intuition.

The Marilyn Monroe-inspired leggings - which cost anywhere from $44 to $132 - are also flying out the doors at Henri Bendel, Nordstrom, Intermix and Lisa Kline.

From leopard prints to zippered black tights, Lindsay's got a lil' something for everyone with 35 styles in various colors and patterns.

Across the board, stores say, Lohan's best-seller is her Mr. President leggings - the most expensive and unique-looking option. Black with grey knee patches, the $132 tights are a big hit from coast to coast.

Craziness! Who'd've thunk it??

And Lohan's gonna keep going with this "designer" gig.

Lohan and her team plan to develop four collections a year - spring, summer, fall and holiday - and they want to get even bigger.

"We are building a lifestyle brand that represents timeless glamour," Brubaker says. "Our hope is to organically [roll] out additional product categories over the next several years."

Have you bought a pair of Lindsay's leggings???

If so, reveal yourself and tell us why!!!

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