Britney's Dancers Getting Drug Tested

Bad news for everyone who made it onto the Britney Spears dance team this season: They're drug-testing.

A source tells E! News that, in an effort to keep the on-track pop star free from negative influences, her camp is requiring that all of her backup dancers submit to drug tests.

"They all had to be drug tested and, if they didn't pass, they were fired," the insider says.

"I think they only do it for her because she is under strict watch. I think they just want good influences around her," the source adds, noting that drug testing is not common practice.

Um, to say that drug testing is not common practice for dance jobs is to say that virginity pledges are not common practice at Hustler. My guess? They gave these kids this job and then said: "You will be drug tested in eight weeks. Be ready." That way you weed out the total addicts but don't lose the good dancers who happened to do a couple lines at a party that weekend. Still. Something tells me this was Papa Spears' idea.

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