Our Alternative Joan Jett

I have more faith in Kristen Stewart than Sacha does. I believe she's brought a quiet intensity and subtle edge to her roles in In the Land of Women, Into the Wild, and yes, even Twilight, that she'll be able to build on to create an authentic and exciting take on rocker Joan Jett in the upcoming biopic The Runaways. But still, whenever a somewhat-controversial decision is made to cast an actor to play a rock legend, it's inevitable to wonder if they really are the right one for the job.

So far, I've seen a lot of haters out there ranting and raving about Stewart's casting, but no one has stepped up and offered a suitable alternative. So here are a few other actresses I think should be considered if it turns out Stewart doesn't have the chops. Keep in mind that The Runaways will focus on Jett's early years, as part of the all-girl punk band of the same name, so our casting choices need to be teens or women young enough to still realistically portray one:

1.) Rumer Willis

The eldest daughter of Bruce and Demi has been looking for her first big break for a few years now. She already has the requisite black hair, and despite her celebrity pedigree and privileged upbringing, there's something a little dangerous-looking about her. Still, her acting talent has yet to be proven, so let's call her the Wildcard Joan Jett.

Kat Dennings2.) Kat Dennings

She already proved she loves rock 'n roll in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, and out of all the non-girly girls working in Hollywood today, she's the most fun to watch. We'll call her the Spunky Joan Jett.

Blake Lively3.) Blake Lively

On Gossip Girl, she plays the resident wild child of the Upper East Side. She was also the first member of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to let a boy take those magic jeans off her. Through her roles, Blake always gets to play the type of teenage rebellion the rest of us only wish we went through, so playing a teen punk rocker seems like the logical next step. True, she has those gorgeous Rapunzel-esque blond tresses working against her, but gritty makeovers are usually seen as brilliant career moves for beautiful young actresses. I'm dubbing her the Charismatic Joan Jett.

4.) Evan Rachel Wood

Her performance in Thirteen was one of the most frighteningly realistic portrayals of teen rebellion ever seen on film. More recently, she proved her musical talents in Across the Universe. Let her now be officially known as the Obvious Joan Jett.

5.) Some Girl Playing Guitar in her Garage in Anytown, USA

Let's face it: a lot of our current crop of teen actresses learned their craft in Disney Channel movies and CW soap operas. Perhaps the producers of The Runaways would've been better served to search outside of Hollywood to find an unknown actress we could call the Authentic Joan Jett.

Who would be your pick to play Joan Jett? Sound off in the comments section. (And remember, it's perfectly okay to defend Kristen Stewart if you like her, since she's the Joan Jett we're going to be stuck with anyway.)