Thoughts on That New Wolverine Trailer

Christmas has come a few days early for those of us who are eagerly anticipating the May 1 release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The first official trailer has been tearing up the internet all day. Feel free to take a look, and then join me for some analysis below.What I Like:1. Jackman!

He just may be the "Sexiest Man Alive." He may enjoy droving cattle across his homeland. He may even be suddenly busy preparing to host a major awards show, but Hugh Jackman knows he has the X-Men franchise to thank for all his good fortune. This is his fourth time playing the beloved mutant, but I’m not sensing any signs of lethargy as I watch him slash and growl his way though this trailer.2. Gambit

X-Men fans have been clambering to see this character make it into the film franchise since the first X film in 2000. Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch doesn’t look like he’ll disappoint. That smirk we see tells me he’s bringing the same devilish charisma to the role that he oozes buckets of as FNL bad boy Tim Riggins.3. The Weapon X clips

Danny Huston looks just as creepy as Stryker as Brian Cox was, and the most badass moment of the trailer is watching Wolvie emerge from the water after his transformation.What I Don’t Like:1. The High Flying Action

Every time Wolverine leaves the ground, the effects begin to look a little amateurish. But I’m willing to put up with so-so effects as long as the story remains compelling.2. Hate from the Fanboys

There’s always going to be a small but vocal minority who want to be the first to rip a movie apart, so if it ends up sucking, they can claim to have “called it." Some diehard fans of the X-Men comics have hated Jackman all along, or just plain hated the films, and aren’t wiling to open their minds now (even though it would be almost impossible for Wolverine to turn out any worse than the Ratner-fied mess X-Men: The Last Stand). But the biggest complaints I’ve seen so far from the actual fan base revolve around Sabretooth’s relative hairlessness. Give it a chance, people.Where do you stand on the Wolverine trailer? Are you dying for May 1 to arrive, or is Sabretooth's haircut a deal breaker for you, too? Have at it in the comments section.