The Scoop on the Upcoming Spider-Man Musical

Have you heard that Spider-Man is being turned into a Broadway musical? Sounds a bit nuts, right? Well, rest assure, nobody will be singing, "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can." Instead, Bono and the Edge are composing all the songs, while the production itself is being directed by none other than Julie Taymor (whom you might remember for making The Lion King into a sensation). While the role of Peter Parker hasn't been cast yet, starlet-on-the-rise Evan Rachel Wood will be playing redheaded hottie Mary Jane Watson. While chatting with her about The Wrestler, in which she gives a powerful performance opposite Mickey Rourke, I got her to talk about what to expect when Spider-Man finally hits the stage.

Cole Haddon: So how do you feel about how the production is shaping up?

Evan Rachel Wood: I'm really excited. You know, it's Julie Taymor who did The Lion King on Broadway, and she's kind of doing the same thing. I remember hearing The Lion King was going to be on Broadway and going, "Hmm." And then Julie Taymor just takes it to this whole other level. That's what she's doing with Spider-Man. I did the workshop, and the little run through of it, and it's awesome. It's really spectacular, and they're using new technology and wirework, and Spider-Man never sings in tights -- only as Peter Parker. A man does not sing in spandex.

CH: Have you heard any of the music from Bono and the Edge yet?

ERW: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I had to do a read through of it for Marvel in person, kind of an audition. So yeah, I've heard all the music, and it's so good. It makes me cry.

CH: What's it like, having Bono and the Edge put lyrics in your mouth?

ERW: Jim Sturgess, who played Jude in Across the Universe, did the workshop with me. We're still trying to convince him to play Spider-Man, but I got to read it with him and he's such a huge, huge U2 fan. There was one time he was learning the song, and Bono and The Edge were playing the other parts, so they were basically being his back-up singers. I just remember taking [Jim] to the side and going, "Bono and The Edge were just your back-up singers. Can you just enjoy this moment right now for me, please? It's Fourth of July. We're never going to forget this."

CH: Will the musical follow the movies or steer closer to the comics?

ERW: Yeah, it'll pull some things from the films, but it's based more on the comic book and the origin of Spider-Man even before there was a Spider-Man. So it's going to be a little different. There's going to be old villains and new villains. Wait until you see the villains. I wish I could tell you who the villain is [laughs]. I really wish.

CH: Are they villains we've never seen in the comics or the movies?

ERW: Um, yeah. But there's one that's more of a Greek mythology kind of thing.

CH: What's his or her name?

ERW: I can't say the name, but it's going to be awesome.

Despite myself, I'm starting to think it will be, too.