Big Hitter: Tr2n, We Are Wizards, Best Picture Thoughts, and Cheap Arrested Development

DVD That Might Interest You
Mamma Mia! or The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor? No, only kidding, those are both terrible. Pick up Bottle Rocket on Blu-ray. Or maybe Old School (also on Blu-rizzle).Oscar Thought of the Day
Hugh Jackman? That's what you got for me? I don't know man, I kind of liked the "jokes" portion of the show. It was a nice break from the "bloviation" section. Sure, he's dreamy, I get it, but the whole theater is packed with eye candy already.Now then, I've also wrapped up my projections the Best Picture category. Way back in October I had four out of five nailed. The only change is Slumdog Millionaire is now a lock. Meaning the nominations are headed to:

Milk (Oscar will right the wrongs of the Hollywood Foreign Press)

The Dark Knight (Oscar will want ratings. Plus, you do NOT want to piss the Dark Knight fans off.)

Revolutionary Road (The Golden Globe love secured the buzz level)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Ditto)

Slumdog Millionaire (Oscar loves texture and diversity in the category. This heartfelt Mumbai treat fills the bill nicely)Press Releases of Note
I listed We Are Wizards as my #3 film of 2008. Rob Grizzly noted how frustrating it is to not be able to see some of the films, due to release dates and general studio silliness. Luckily the pub guys behind We Are Wizards have let me know that you can watch this one on Amazon for a measly $3.00. Here's the link; help me help you.Next up, you can get the whole Arrested Development series on DVD for $28.99. That would be a wonderful gift for anyone who likes comedy ... and is smart.Lastly, I was on the fantastic /Film Filmcast last night (Episode #30). It should be posted at some point today, Devin Faraci from Chud and Neha Tiwari joined the conversation too -- both solid conservationists. (Plus David, Adam and Devindra are always entertaining.) We're going to have David Chen on the Best Movie-Film Talk Show Ever in the very near future, so keep your ears open.Olivia WildeSequel Rumor of the Day
Tron 2.0, aka Tr2n has cast two ladies, Olivia Wilde (pictured, left) and Beau Garrett. Here at LaremyLegel Inc. (a subsidiary of LaremyLegel Ltd.) we fully support this movie and look forward to future news re: any Jeff Brides project ever. Godspeed.What I Watched Last Night Besides a Movie
Chuck, the hit NBC show, was super bonus last night. The remarkable work from "I'm an Aussie but you can't tell" Yvonne Strahovski continues. If you've TiVo'd it look away, I'm about to spoil, because she capped a dude! In cold blood! It was the sort of special moment that we've come to expect from Josh Schwartz. After all, this is the guy who killed Marissa Cooper at the very moment we couldn't take one more second of her. Well played Chuck; I'm loving the show.Deep Thought of the Day
Shouldn't it be called the "lemonlight?" A limelight is yellow ... like a lemon. A lime is naturally green, unless your lime is really jacked up. I may be overthinking this.Videos For You
Warning: adult content, overall hilarity