What We're Thankful For ...

Here in the states it's Thanksgiving morning, a time to reflect back on the year, taking a moment to appreciate all the people and events that have made it special. I've been given an hour deadline to write this column, as evidently biscuits and gravy await my triumphant return ... so we haven't got much time to lose!

A special thanks to Miley Cyrus. The catchy music, the YouTube videos, the Disney show, the felony dating record. She's got it all working right now. We can all look forward to decades of Miley-ness.

Much love to the Twilight fans who have flocked to our site the past two months. Don't be strangers, we've got some other movie thoughts y'all might like too.

In March (three years after the rest of the world) I discovered M.I.A. Still, I'm grateful for her music, she's helped me write a ton of columns since.

To the sites and writers I love. Slate, Bill Simmons, Will Leitch, Brad Brevet, Marta, and Jeffrey Wells. Keep up the good work.

I give thanks for my favorite one word shows, Dexter and Chuck. Also, how's about a sixth season of The Wire just for kicks? I'm willing to pay $20 per episode.

Much love to American Airlines, along with partner Alaska. They've managed to stay in the air each and every single time I've been aboard.

For all the "A" grade movies we've seen this year:

Thumbs UpMilk


Body Of Lies

Beverly Hills Chihuahua (sigh)

Tropic Thunder

The Dark Knight



Kung Fu Panda

Standard Operating Procedure

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Sex and the City

Young @ Heart

Battle in Seattle

Horton Hears a Who

Run Fatboy Run


We Are Wizards

Without good film this job would be miserable, so thanks to all the filmmakers, actors, producers, and key grips involved with the movies listed above (If you want to help us pay the bills you can read all those linked reviews too ... ahem).

But we love bad movies every so often too, otherwise what would we complain about?

To my beloved Miami Dolphins, who have somehow managed six victories this year.

To Roger Ebert, just in general. He's the man and deserves continual thanks from everyone in this business.

To the Film.com writing team: Amanda Mae, Erin, Dre, Sacha, Eric D., Christine, Ammon, Cole H., Cole D., Tim, Nora, Drake, Cargill, Glenn, Maisy, Sue, Robin, MaryAnn, Dawn, Charlie, Stacey, and Susan. We'd be lost without ya.

To our majestic editors: Pamela, Natalie, and Mark B. A lovelier group of people to work with you'll never find.

To The Evil Beet. Life is always more interesting and fun with Sasha around. We've almost cured her of that whole L.A. "cell phone in movies" issue too.

On a sadder note, this year we lost a member of our team, Paul K. You are greatly missed, Paul.

Many thanks to our content manager Garrett our favorite Friday girl Annie. You keep us vibrant.

To Michelle and Shawn, the photo experts. Without them you'd just being seeing a ton of words.

To my Facebook and Twitter pals! What's your status?

A very special thanks to the Film.com folks behind the scenes that you never see, working diligently to bring you the best movie site on the web. Mike M, Mark, Heather, Teddy KGB, Michael C., Jason, Bob, Suzanne, Sola, Rebecka, Stuart, Elizabeth, Matt, Wayne, Craig, and ad gurus Staci, Sabrina, Michael, Guy, Kate, and Gina. There's no Film.com without any of these champions, trust me.

To our newest team members, Rick and Shaun. Keep those pastries coming.

Our Copy Editors, Joanne and Carl, many thanks! Note: this column wasn't copy edited, and any errors are the fault of the writer.

Finally, for all the friends, family, and readers of Film.com we give thanks. We're very fortunate to work in an industry we love. We hope you'll continue to share your lives with us.

Now if you'll excuse me, I smell gravy.