Thanksgiving Throwdown: The Darlings vs. The Walkers

Thanksgiving is arguably the most glorious holiday on the calendar. It's a time to focus on giving thanks, eating carbs until your pants explode, and watching football. What's not to love?

However, that doesn't always mean that the accompanying family get-togethers go off without a hitch. Let's face it: gatherings with your kin can be stressful.

But if you think your family is bad, can you imagine what it would be like to spend Thanksgiving with the most bickering families on TV? We decided to pit The Walker clan from Brothers & Sisters against the Darlings from Dirty Sexy Money in a special Thanksgiving Throwdown.

So, who would we rather spend Turkey Day with? Let's see...


On Brothers & Sisters, Scotty is a chef, and was recently promoted to head chef at that. To celebrate, Scotty's sister-in-law, Sarah, spent hours preparing a multiple-course meal for the whole fam (and an extra guest). Just looking at it made our mouths water. Plus, Sarah's brother, Tommy, co-owns a winery, so you know there will probably be great beverage options as well.

Letitia Darling is known for her opulent parties, but would likely rely on catering. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I have a soft spot for a host that prepares their own meal.

Walkers, 1; Darlings, 0.


We are hard-pressed to remember an episode on either show where the families actually complete a meal from appetizer to dessert. In the most recent episode of DSM, there were two fistfights and numerous closed-door meetings of the minds before dinner was even served. And in fact, we never actually saw them sit down together.

On B&S, the most recent family feast began with bickering in the kitchen, before evolving into a screaming match during the salad course.

The guest of honor and family matriarch got up and left, and Sarah and Kitty were left to package up tons of uneaten entrees. Public humiliation + a still-empty stomach = loads of fun!

This category is a draw.

Walkers, 1; Darlings, 0.


Coincidentally, both families have lawyers and politicians and wine experts. But when it comes to networking, the Darlings are an old-money family and entrenched in the New York socialite scene. So even if you don't like them, you're bound to pick up some useful business cards during any gathering.

Walkers, 1; Darlings, 1.


Dead bodies have a way of piling up around the Darling family. Just this season, there have been deaths at a yacht party and in a house fire. Letitia, the family matriarch, has been on trial for murder. And like we said before, their last shindig kicked off with blows to the face.

The Walkers may argue a lot, but at least any corpses materialized from natural causes.

The point of Thanksgiving is to appreciate what you have -- but we don't think you should have to be thankful that nobody chucked a turkey leg at your noggin.

Walkers, 2; Darlings, 1.

Bottom line: Heck, even the Darlings don't even want to hang out with each other most of the time. The Walkers aren't experts in familial relations, but at least they all seem to care for one another. And, more importantly, they keep the violence to a minimum.

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