Paris Hilton Caught Canoodling with Her Ex!

If Paris is really soooo in love with Benji Madden and sooo confident in their love, then why on earth is she allowing her (much hotter and much wealthier) ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, to caress her neck and play with her hair at the Victoria's Secret party in Miami Beach on Saturday night? You can check out the pics of them here.

There's nothing wrong with being polite and civil, even friendly, with an ex-boyfriend when you see him out in public, but, um, he is not touching her in a "civil" way. He's touching her in a "Remember how I used to tug at the hair on your neckline? Remember how much you liked that?" kind of way. I can't imagine that all will be well in the Hilton-Madden household after Benji sees these shots.

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